If you’re like us then you like to make life as easy as possible when it comes to home, and mobile, computing. A fantastic way to do that is by creating a personal tech space full of related products, of course, you’ll need to make sure that everything is useable. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the great Apple accessories available at Techscheme with our fantastic savings and cost spreading benefits.


Lightning Connectors

Let’s start with the connectors, the important cables and wires that let you use your outsider tech with you Apple ecosphere. The Lightning technology that Apple use is super-efficient and allows you to plug in either side up, no more bashing around with a USB connector. Or course, with it being proprietary technology, you’ll need to pick up some adaptors if you want to use your other gear.

There’s a range of Lightning connectors available at Techscheme, all available with up to 12% off the recommended retail price. So, whether you want to connect to a USB or Micro-USB, VGA, Digital AV or Apple’s old 30-Pin system we’ve got you covered. They’re all different prices but here’s a rundown of the average savings you can get on them at Techscheme.


RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

VGA Adapter £49.00 £5.88


30-Pin Adapter £29.00 £3.48


Micro USB Adapter £19.00 £2.28


Keyboards and Mice

Of course, every now and again we all should replace the hardware we need to actually use our Macs. Keyboards and mice never seem that important, almost invisible until you really need them. At Techscheme you can pick up the Apple Magic keyboard with savings up to £11, it has a super sleek design, built in battery and optimised key travel for the most comfortable of typing experiences.

We also have the Apple Magic Mouse 2 with its multi-touch surface that lets you perform simple gestures easily. It has an optimised foot design that helps to track easily over your desk and it’s completely rechargeable. Then there’s the Apple Magic trackpad 2 which will help you bring Force Touch to your Apple desktop, it’s got a built-in battery, sleek low profile and edge-to-edge glass surface that provides 30% more surface area than the last version, making it even easier to use. We can save you up to £9 on the Magic Mouse 2 and £15 on the Magic Trackpad 2.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Magic Trackpad 2 £129.00 £15.48


Magic Keyboard £99.00 £11.88


Magic Mouse 2 £79.00 £9.48


Apple USB SuperDrive

Next up is the USB SuperDrive, a sleek, lightweight portable optical drive that’s perfect for anybody needs to play or burn music, install software or create backup discs on the road. Compact and convenient it fits easily into a laptop bag and it’s compatible with MacBook Pro with Retina Display, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

You don’t need to worry about power or cables, the single USB is enough to connect to your device, while it’ll work whether your Mac is plugged in or not. At Techscheme we’ll save you up to £9 on the Apple USB SuperDrive.


RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

USB SuperDrive £79.00 £9.48



To finish we’ll talk about the Apple Airports. The Airport Time capsule is an all-in-one Wi-Fi base station and easy to use backup storage device. While the Wi-Fi router elements are pretty straight forward, with the latest in wireless tech making for a well dispersed and faster signal, the 2 or 3TB hard drives allow for great backup or shared storage across a network making for excellent home and work use potential.

You’ll also find the Airport Express at Techscheme, offering similarly brilliant fast wireless for you home, albeit without the hard drive. It is, however, configured for AirPlay so that it can receive streamed audio from a computer running iTunes in your network. Both Airport systems are easy to set up thanks to software already built into iOS so you’ll have no trouble there, and as far as cost goes, Techscheme will save you up to £47 on the Airport Time Capsule and up to £11 on the Express.

Model RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

Airport Time Capsule 3TB £399.00 £47.88


Airport Express £99.00 £11.88


Hopefully, that’s everything you need to get your Apple environment fit for use. We don’t just sell the accessories at Techscheme though, there’s a wide range of Apple products available in our store with up to 12% off the RRP, and the ability to spread the cost over up to three years. Ask your employer to look at our employee benefits scheme, it cost nothing to join and there are benefits for them too.