Modern mobile games can be a bit stressful, they demand your time almost constantly and have no problem reminding you that they aren’t being played. Sometimes you just want to switch off, you need some important relaxation time to recharge so that your fresh for work or other challenges.

Here at Techscheme, we’ve put together a little list of the best relaxing games for mobiles and tablet to help you unwind, and to de-stress the shopping experience, we’ve suggested some awesome mobile tech – all available with up to 12% off the RRP with Techscheme.




The first on our list, Prune, is basically a gardening simulator with puzzle elements. Over 48 levels all you have to do is grow your trees by cutting their branches in the best way. As the trees move into the light, they’ll flower and bloom to the sounds of a plucked harp. As you can imagine, it’s very laid back. Remember how peaceful Mr Miyagi was with his bonsai trees? That could be you.

Prune’s a great game all around and whether you just want five minutes, to take stock in a lunch break, or an hour’s relaxation at home it’s perfect. That’s probably why it was the iPad Game of the Year 2015. If you fancy picking up an Apple tablet to play it on, the brand-new iPad is a great entry point to the market, it’s available with up to £67 savings at Techscheme.

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Zen Koi

This is another game that seeks to bring out your inner Buddhist. Zen Koi tasks you with breeding and nurturing Koi fish in a soothing, tranquil pond. As the fish grow their patterns get more beautiful and if you look after them well enough they’ll turn into some magnificent dragons. Zen by name, Zen by nature.

This peaceful game is ideal for de-stressing after a long hard day; unwind with the gentle music, beautiful water effects and lovely fish/dragons. The infinity screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be perfect for enjoying this game. The flagship Samsung mobile is on Techscheme with savings of up to £82.

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Next up is Infinity Loop, a gentle puzzler with no distractions and no in-app purchases. There’s an endless number of short levels to relax with, you’re presented with a disconnected swirling pattern and all you need to do is rotate each element to connect them into one pretty picture. It’s challenging enough to engage the brain a little, but not so much to be stressful.

It’s a great little mobile game to get lost playing, but it’s brilliant at being something you can just pop into for 2 minutes, complete a puzzle and back to it. A phone that’d be quick enough to get you in an out speedily would be the iPhone 7. It’s Apple’s best mobile yet and at Techscheme we save you up to £95 on it.

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Alto’s Adventure 


To finish, we’ll go with something a little bit different. Alto’s Adventure is quite a challenging snowboarding game where you control a little man as he tries to make jumps, perform tricks and avoid obstacles. Where it turns into something relaxing, though, is in its Zen Mode. You can’t fail here, Alto will make jumps and bounce off rocks along the way, and so what you’re left with is a wonderful little side-scroller with pleasant music and beautiful artwork. Great for just tuning out.

This is a game perfect for idle hands, just chilling out in your down time and if you want a bit of a challenge. A great multi-functional mobile is the LG G5; a great phone on its own but it also has the option to pick up several accessories to turn it into something more. At Techscheme we’ll save you up to £59 on it.

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Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
iPhone 7 256GB £799.00 £95.88 £703.12
Samsung Galaxy S8 £689.00 £82.68 £606.32
iPad Cellular 128GB £559.00 £67.08 £491.92
LG G5 £499.00 £59.88 £439.12


These games should help you switch that brain off for a few and give you that crucial recharging time to keep you focused for work. At Techscheme you can save up to 12% on everything in our store, as well as spread the cost over up to 3 years, leavings you a bit of breathing space for those big purchases. To take advantage, your employer needs to be signed up to the scheme. It’s free and there’s no cost to them, so send them over to us to have a look.