The world we live in has plenty of distractions; between computer games, streaming services and social media it can be easy to fall into something of a mental slump. It’s important to keep your brain active, for work and play, so we here at Techscheme have made a little list of some of the best brain training apps to flex your mental muscles. At Techscheme, all products are available with up to 12% off the RRP and you can spread the cost over up to three years.




Let’s start with Elevate, the personalised brain training program. Made in partnership with top neuroscientists and using the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Elevate intelligently tailors itself to your needs. When you first load up you’ll be asked a few questions based on what skills you want to improve, the app will then create a regime of tests for you to take five days a week.

This sort of tailored regime is perfect for doing in the house or out and about. If you want a tablet that can follow you around why not try the iPad Pro 10.5-inch. It’s a powerful, light tablet that’ll be just as good for brain training as it’ll be for streaming Netflix as a reward for your hard work. We’ll shave off up to £122 from the RRP for you at Techscheme.

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Another leader in brain training, Peak, also offers the chance personalise your daily workouts. It has 30 games that it’ll shuffle through as you try to improve your skills in memory, language, mental agility and attention. It has some fun stat screens to show you where you’re improving and you can even connect with friends on social media to compare your brain maps. If you dare!

Many Peak’s features are locked behind in-app purchases, so why not defer that cost with the best budget mobile around? The Motorola G5 beats out everything in its price bracket when it comes to power, usability, battery life and design. Even though it’s well priced to begin with, we’ll still save you up to £20 on the mobile at Techscheme.

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Next up is another of what we’re going to start calling ‘the big three’ in brain training apps. Along with Peak and Elevate, Lumosity is an impressively slick app. You’ll take a fit test when you first sign up that’ll decide your training program, after which you’ll get a regular programme of games to play through to tone up, and the game track and display your stats.

With a name like Lumosity you can bet this app is full of vivid colours, so why not test yourself on the smartphone with the best screen? Samsung nails mobile displays and the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8+ is no different. It also happens to be one of the best Android mobiles ever made. At Techscheme we’ll save you up to £93 on it. Good deal.

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Lastly, we’ll deal with a specialist. As you may have guessed from the name, Eidetic is all about improving your memory. While the others have a broad range of great tests for different skills, it can be frustrating if you just have one thing you want to work on. Using spaced repetition, the app will show you information, and then with push notifications turned on, it’ll test you throughout your day and week to slowly build your recall skills.

We’re not entirely sure what we were going to write next, but one thing that is stuck in the memory is how great the iPhone 7 Plus is. It’s Apple’s best mobile, hands down. Power and design meet in a package that you can pick up from Techscheme with up to £110 savings from RRP.

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Model RRP Savings Techscheme Savings
iPad Pro 10.5 512GB £1,019.00 £122.28 £896.72
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB £919.00 £110.28 £808.72
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus £779.00 £93.48 £685.52
Motorola G5 £169.95 £20.39 £149.56


Now you’ve got all the tools to keep your brain in tip-top shape you can see how great the Techscheme employee benefits scheme is. We offer up to 12% off the RRP on all the products in our store, and you spread the cost over up to three years. To take advantage your employer needs to be signed up; if they aren’t already, send them our way.