This June Apple announced their much-anticipated revamp of the Mac OS – High Sierra. Here at Techscheme, we’ve poured through press releases and the rumour mill to tell you what’s in store for Mac users, and when you’ll be able to get it. We’ll also provide a few handy hints for which Mac products you might want to pick up in preparation, all available through us, with up to 12% off the recommended retail price.


The Fundamentals


Apple says they’ve gone back to tackle the fundamentals with OS High Sierra, namely, they’re looking to improve how your Mac deals with data, video and graphics. They say this will provide a platform, with deep technologies, that’ll take Apple into a new era of more capable, responsive and reliable Macs.

A new file system called Apple File System (APFS) looks to optimise file storage for more modern systems like Solid State Drives (SSD). Apple says it will be safer and more secure thanks to the implementation of features such as native encryption, safe document saves, crash protection and stable snapshots. It’s also meant to be super responsive, meaning it can serve as the bedrock for more major improvements in the future.


On the graphics side comes Metal 2 offering a major upgrade on Apples old graphics API, as well as doing a whole bunch of important technical stuff, it’ll improve window animations and bring support for machine learning, external GPUs and VR content creation.


We’ll also see the inclusion of High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) which improves image and video compression by around 40% and preserves detail and colour better than the old encoder. High Sierra will bring HEVC software encoding to all Macs that get the update, but it’s only newer hardware that will carry HEVC hardware acceleration features.


Maybe then, it’s time to upgrade to a new Mac. If you’re someone who needs High Sierra then you may well want all the bells and whistles; the MacBook Pro 15-inch is the perfect laptop for that. With the new integrated Touch Bar and ID Sensor, supreme processing power from 7th generation Intel Core i7 chip and a 512GB SSD to take advantage of these new features, the Pro 15-inch becomes an Apple must-have. At Techscheme we’ll save you up to £323 on the MacBook Pro and you spread the cost over up to three years. Bargain.

App Improvements


Apple hasn’t just left it at a few core technologies, we’ll be seeing improvements in High Sierra for many programs and features. Perhaps the most highly-anticipated update is to the Safari web browser. We’ll soon have Intelligent Tracking Prevention to protect our security while browsing, auto play Blocking for videos and an always on option for Safari Reader. We’ll see improvements to Search in Mail and they’ve optimised Mail’s storage.

Beyond that, we’ll see upgrades for the camera related apps. Photos, for example, get new editing tools for Selective Colour and Curves as well as a persistent side menu that should make it easier to navigate. You’ll find more categories in an expanded Memories and new options for editing in Live Photos. As well as all that, more subtle tweaks have been made to facial recognition software making it better at recognising faces, easier to use with third-party apps and giving us the ability to sync across devices.

It’ll be easier to sync your Messages too as the files will automatically store on iCloud, freeing up storage space. iCloud Drive will see new file sharing options and there’s a new family plan for iCloud storage. Last of all, Siri is levelling up and the AI will now have extra functions to do with Apple Music, will learn your music preferences and answer music-related trivia. He or She is also getting voice improvements to sound more natural.


Of course, the true home of any Apple OS is on an iMac. The staggeringly stylish all-in-one desktop with a 5k retina screen, 3.8Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and a thwacking 1TB capacity Fusion drive. We’ll save you up to £269 on the iMac at Techscheme.

Release Date & Compatibility

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.29.52

The full release is planned for later this year, sometime in the autumn but you can join the public Beta right now. Head on over to the Apple Beta Software Program and click ‘Sign Up’. If you’re wondering if your system is capable then we’ve probably got good news for you.

Everything with the current Mac OS Sierra will get the upgrade, which is to say all Macs since mid-2010 (late ’09 for iMac and MacBook). If you want the full functionality of HEVC though you’ve only got four options – The MacBook Pro 15-inch and iMac that we’ve already mentioned, as well as the new MacBook Pro 13-inch and the new MacBook. They’re all fantastic machines, and as you can see from Apple’s support of past products, investing now means you’ll have them for a while.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

MacBook Pro 15-inch

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MacBook Pro 13-inch £1,949.00 £233.88


MacBook £1,549.00 £185.88



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