Technology is big business. We use it at home, at work and whilst we’re on the go. So naturally a technology employee benefit is always going to be a winner. Techscheme is the simple way to engage, recognise and reward your workforce through access to affordable tech.

Employees can only benefit from Techscheme if they know it exists. Luckily, promoting Techscheme couldn’t be simpler thanks to your free marketing suite.

Your Techscheme marketing suite is filled with straightforward resources that are ready to be used. This includes a selection of print-ready posters, as well as handy e-flyers.

Posters – with different designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect poster for your workforce. Select you favourite designs, download and print. Place these in prominent locations around your office like the kitchen, notice board and breakout areas.

E-Flyers – these small digital flyers are the perfect accompaniment to emails. Attach in an email to your employees and notify everyone about your tech benefit in an instant. E-flyers are also ideal for your intranet, yammer or internal social media sites.

All designs are refreshed regularly and new resources added to your marketing suite throughout the year.

To find your marketing suite, log into your Techscheme or MySchemes account and head to the ‘Marketing’ tab to discover resources ready and waiting for your organisation.

What else can you do?

Posters and e-flyers are great promotional materials, ideal for time-efficient and cost-effective communication. But there’s nothing to stop you shouting about Techscheme to your workforce in other ways too!

Here are our favourite ‘out of the box’ ideas for promoting Techscheme to your organisation:

Benefits Breakfast – host a breakfast to talk about your employee benefits. This is a great opportunity to chat about benefits in a relaxed setting. You can tell employees why you have chosen their employee benefits (including Techscheme!) and how they can enhance their life both in and out of work.

Tech Talk – invite your office tech guru to give a talk about their Techscheme experience. From what they got, to the saving they made and how easy the scheme was to use. Plus, get them to recommend their Top 10 must-have products from the current Techscheme range.

Have a tech off – it’s Apple vs. Sony. Microsoft vs. Toshiba. We all have our tech preferences; invite colleagues to prove their tech is the best with a ‘tech off’. Discover who can boot up the quickest, who can take the best picture and who has the greatest memory. This is a fun and hands on way to demonstrate the benefits of the latest tech.

Upgrade the promotion of Techscheme in your organisation today with your easy to use marketing suite. Then, start thinking how else you can shout about Techscheme to your colleagues.