How to Keep Your Mac Up to Speed

Topping up your Mac’s health is important, these futuristic Apple products may seem like they need no maintenance but they do, everything does, so we’ve put together some top tips for you on how to keep your Mac up to Speed. Because we’re nice, we’ve also put together a few ideas for when you decide to upgrade your old Mac to a new one – complete with Techscheme savings.


Spring Clean


Let’s start with the obvious, you should clear out all your old files, especially those heavy videos and images, as a good rule of thumb try and keep around 10% of your hard drive free of clutter. Backup to external drives if you must, but keeping that number in mind should see you regularly keeping on top of it. Keep your desktop clear of clutter too, it only gives your Mac more to do as it must dedicate RAM to displaying everything there.

Bad Assumptions

Don’t think that just because you have a Mac you’re safe from attacks. As Macs become more and more popular, they become more of a viable target for internet ne’er-do-wells so get yourself some good anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep your security tight. Make sure you regularly update all your software as this should keep it free from new vulnerabilities.

Use ‘Force Quit’ to shut down apps. While closing them from the dock may work for most apps, it doesn’t quite do the job for everything, even if it looks like it has. This means you’ll end up with apps running in the background sapping precious processing power. Check the top right-hand corner of your screen to see what other utilities are being used in the background from linked devices, networks or services – the more you have, the slower you’re going to be, so, try and cut down on these.

Utilise Utility

Lastly, us your Disk Utility program. You can use it to repair permissions quickly and easily but also if you find yourself with a big problem on your hands, there’s a secondary function to repair the disk. You’ll have to enter recovery mode to use it, where you can run disk repair on your boot drive from a recovery partition. It’s not something you’ll need all the time but if you think you have a problem with your disk, don’t hesitate to use it.


Maybe though, it’s just time for a new Mac. The MacBook Pro 15-inch is the best MacBook on the market, hands down. It has an incredible display, a 2.9GHz quadcore Intel i7 processor powering it and new Apple features like the Touch Bar with integrated ID sensor. It’s refreshingly thin and light, has good battery life for a model this powerful and, honestly, there’s not much you can’t do with it. At Techscheme we’ll save you up to £323.

If you’re after something a bit smaller, well, there’s always the MacBook. Old reliable gives you 10 hours of battery life, enough processing power for all but the most hardcore of activities, plenty of RAM and a slick 12-inch LED display. Sure, it’s not going to be beating the MacBook Pro in any competitions but if you’re buying for what you need, that’s perfect. At Techscheme We can save you up to £185 on the sixth-generation Mac notebook.

It’s hard to say really what captures the imagination about the iMac. Sure, it looks good and it’s been consistently one of the best desktop computers since its inception but it feels like more than that. There’s a panache to it, a quiet grace that says, ‘I’ve got this’. Which is, of course, because it does. It seems silly to say what’s great about this tech institution, just trust us when we say that with any of your home, entertainment or work needs you are in safe hands with the iMac. At Techscheme the top spec 3.8GHz iMac comes up to £269 cheaper than the iMac.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
MacBook Pro 15-inch £2,699.00 £323.88 £2,375.12
iMac 3.8GHz £2,249.00 £269.88 £1,979.12
MacBook £1,549.00 £185.88 £1,363.12


That should be enough to keep your Mac fighting fit; if you’re interested in Techscheme and the savings we offer on a full range of tech goods you’ll need your employer to be signed up. They may be already, but if not, don’t worry. It’s free to sign up and there are benefits for the employer too, so send them over to us today.