Music lovers will have been delighted by the recent Apple WWDC announcements, not only are we likely to see lossless audio coming to iPad and iPhone, the tech giants also introduced us to the new HomePod. The new wireless speaker for the home will be available in December but we’re so excited we thought we’d tell you about now. At Techscheme, all our products come with discounts of up to 12% and the ability to spread the cost over time, while you may have to wait for the HomePod you can pick up a wide range of other tech products now, from our store.


The Look 

To start with, the HomePod looks great. While it’s hardly a surprise that Apple has designed a product that oozes class, when it comes to home speakers it’s an art that’s easy to get wrong, with plenty of competitors choosing odd shapes, awkwardly placed buttons and garish colour schemes; the HomePod looks like it’s designed to be a part of the furniture, rather than just something you bring out for parties.

It’s 7-inch tall mesh cylinder with rounded edges and looks like it could just as easily be in your living room for decoration – perhaps releasing the occasional burst of perfume – as it could be playing music. That’s a good thing.

The Sound


The HomePod is built to compete, with front-line hardware combined with advanced software designed to pump out the best sounding, highest-fidelity audio throughout the room, no matter where you’ve placed it.

It has a high-excursion woofer with custom amplifier, a six-microphone array for far-field room sensing, seven horn-loaded tweeters complete with custom amplifiers for each, automatic bass correction, direct and ambient audio beamforming and transparent studio-level dynamic processing. Which is all to say, wow, this thing pulls out all the stops to present top-quality audio.

The Brains

Running all this intelligent tech is the dual combination of an A8 chip and everybody’s favourite AI companion, Siri. The A8 chip is the brains behind faster than real-time buffering, real-time modelling of woofer mechanics, audio up mixing, beamforming and advanced echo cancellation. Basically, it’s the essential component that pulls together the software with hardware.

Siri adds another dimension. While Beamforming means that it’ll hear you over other noise (like the music you’re playing), its’s not just there to play songs for you. Of course, you can ask Siri to DJ for you, and it’ll learn what kinds of music you like and not like, it’ll play songs on requests and even answer questions like ‘Who’s the lead singer in this band?’ but the AI’s inclusion in the HomePod opens so many doors.

Beyond the music, the HomePod can operate like a home organiser, with Siri constantly available to update you on the time, your schedule, news, sport and traffic as well as anything else it’s equipped for. If you’ve got any of the Apple HomeKit accessories, Siri will be able to control your lights, air conditioning, and any plug sockets you have connected to name a few.

Go Apple with Techscheme

The HomePod looks set to be one of the best home-based wireless speakers on the market, but beyond that could be an essential component of a smart-home setup, we can’t wait for December. Of course, Apple has a range of products and you can pick up many of them at Techscheme, all with our unique discounts and benefits. If you’re itching to take advantage, then you’ll need to find out if your employer is signed up to the scheme; if they aren’t, don’t worry it’s free to do and there are benefits for them too, so send them our way.