What we need a television for has changed; with the emergence of Smart TVs capable of playing games, storing shows for later and the ability to connect to the internet coupled with the streaming revolution championed by Netflix and Amazon Prime, TVs aren’t just about picture quality anymore. Of course, that’s still important, but we need more. That’s why we at Techscheme have put together a short rundown of the excellent Smart TVs available from our website. They all come with up to 12% off the RRP with the ability to spread the cost over 1-3 years thanks to our excellent employee benefits.


Samsung MU6500

We’ll start with the daddy; the MU6500 from Samsung is a beast. The Ultra HD curved screen with Active Crystal Colour technology coupled with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Ultra Depth Enhancer make for some of the most crystal clear and well-defined images you can get. Blacks look great while its huge colour palette makes for a warm and vibrant viewing experience. The Curved screen is satisfyingly thin and the external design looks sleek no matter what size screen you opt for.

Its Smart capabilities are well managed too, with one remote control for controlling conventional TV and accessing everything else on Samsung’s bespoke Smart Hub operating system. Smart View allows you to use your mobile to browse and control your TV and built in auto-detection means it’s easier than ever to control all your media, from your mobile, laptop and tablet through your television. It’s available on Techscheme in 65-inch, 55-inch and 49-inch configurations which obviously affect the price, but as a guide, we can save you up to £221 on the 65-inch model.

Samsung MU6400

The MU6400 launched alongside the 6500 and they many of the same excellent qualities. On the smart side, we’ve got the Smart Hub, one remote control and Smart View features that we should expect to see as standard in new Samsung Smart offerings. In fact, even when it comes to picture quality, it lines up with the 6500 with just one exception. It has a flat screen, which means no Auto Depth Enhancer, but it does have the same thin, slick basic design apart from the curve.

Really, it’s a judgement call on whether you want a TV that’s curved or flat, and it may be a decision that’s made more by your living room than anything else. The MU6400 is also slightly cheaper in each size, while also having a smaller 40-inch model to opt for. For reference though, Techscheme can save you up to £209 on the 65-inch MU6400.

Samsung K Series

We’ll keep the two K Series TVs together as they share many of the same qualities and benefits. They’re great Smart TVs for those who want in on the Smart revolution, but don’t quite fancy going high-end just yet. They’re both Full HD LCD TVs with excellent colour range, so you’ll get a quality image pumping out of either. The external design on the 5000 is nice and standard, sleek looking with thin edges, while the 5100 sports Samsung’s Joiiii design, an elegant look that helps your TV to feel like a sophisticated piece of furniture, rather than a gadget.

On the Smart front, they both have capable operating systems, with the ability to flick between streaming services and normal TV, and connect to external devices but you won’t find Samsung’s slick new Smart Hub or unified remote control. All of this is reflected in the price of course. With the 32-Inch K5100 clocking in at less than £300 thanks to up to £38 of Techscheme savings, while we can save you up to £22 on the already sub-£200 22-inch K5000.



RRP Savings Techscheme Price
MU6500 65-inch £1844.00 £221.28


MU6400 65-inch £1744.00 £209.28


K5100 32-inch £319.00 £38.28


K5000 22-inch £189.00 £22.68


Whether you’re after all the bells and whistles of one of the best Smart TV’s of 2017, or just fancy dipping your toe into the world of modern television Techscheme has something for you. No matter what you choose, though, we’ll save you money. Your employer needs to be signed up to Techscheme to take advantage of these employee benefits, so send them our way, it won’t cost them a penny.