Summer time means festival time, but with all the associated joys there are a few downsides to spending your weekend in a field without power. We’re talking about battery life, it can be a nightmare having your mobile die on you at a music festival and that’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for prolonging the life of your mobile. You’re welcome.

Battery Maintenance

OK, first of all, let’s talk about preparation. If you look after your battery then it’s less likely to die on you when you really need it. There’s a popular myth that says you should let your phone completely run out of battery regularly so that it doesn’t forget how to fully recharge. Well, that’s not true anymore. Older mobiles were affected but new batteries work a little bit differently.

Try not to let your mobile run out of power, but also, try not to fill it up too often either. Modern batteries stay more efficient if you do short regular charges, maintaining a battery level between 20-80%. You should only fully charge your mobile around once a month for best results, so try and aim to do that just before you head out.

Clean House

Not your actual house, although you should probably do that before we leave, we’re talking about your apps. Apps like to run lots of stuff in the background, they have push notifications and they’re constantly searching for updates – all this costs juice. So, go through your phone and delete all the apps you don’t use.

Try clearing out the files and photos too, while it’s not a huge drain, every time you enter your gallery your mobile loads up thumbnails of all your images if there are fewer images it’ll take less power. Once you’ve done all that, head to Settings > Battery and check which apps that you use are draining the most energy. Don’t be afraid to delete them for the weekend, most apps will store your information so it’ll be right back there for you when you re-install.

Off the Grid

It may seem obvious, but if you’re in a music festival you probably don’t need to be connected to your 3G. Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you arrive; a massive plus of this plan is that you’ll not receive any work emails while you’re away. In fact, if you’re with your friends, or in a throbbing crowd where you won’t be needing to make a call for a while, turn your phone onto aeroplane mode to reduce strain.

If you need to be reachable remember that it takes less power to make your phone ring than it does to make it vibrate, so turn off the vibrate function in your settings. While you’re at it, you could turn off the haptic feedback (the buzzing your phone does when you press buttons) to save even more power.

Get a Better Phone

Well, obviously. The better your phone is for battery life, the less likely you are to lose power. Two of the best high-end mobiles for battery life are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, with the latter being particularly impressive. These phones are built to run and with two levels of power saving modes you can really eek out your time with the devices. Their fast charging features also mean that if you can log some time at a charging point it won’t take long to get back up to speed.

Apple fans will be pleased to hear that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have made huge improvements from the previous generation, with the larger phone again being the longer lasting of the two. They also feature fast charging capabilities and an impressive low power mode. All mobiles at Techscheme (as well as everything else) coming with up to 12% off the recommended retail price, and let you spread the cost over 1-3 years. Bargain.


Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB £919.00 £110.28 £808.72
iPhone 7 256GB £799.00 £95.88 £703.12
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus £779.00 £93.48 £685.52
Samsung Galaxy S8 £689.00 £82.68 £606.32

One last tip, turning on your mobile light and waving the phone around may look ool but it’s going to drain your battery, so do yourself a favour, go old school – buy a lighter. IF you want to take Advantage of our Techscheme benefits you’ll need to make sure your employer is signed up. If they aren’t, don’t worry, ask them to visit our website; it doesn’t cost anything to join and there are benefits for them too.