Making sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather may bring is essential in the UK. There is nothing worse than getting into work or arriving to meet an important client while looking like a drowned rat. That’s why we’ve put together a list for you, here at Techscheme, of the best weather apps. We might also have thrown in some information about the great deals we offer on mobile tech because we’re nice like that.

Dark Sky


Dark sky is a fantastic nowcasting weather app. It can tell you up to an hour in advance what the weather is going to be doing. There is hour by hour predictions for up to a week, but where it really shines is in its minute-by-minute predictions. The app uses your GPS to tell you what’s about to happen in your precise location, so you can truly make a judgement call on whether to stay in shelter or make a break for it.


If you’re using an up to the minute weather app, you want a mobile to use it on that’s prepared for all eventualities. The waterproof Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will have you feeling safe in that regard. Heck, never mind the rain, you could drop it in a puddle and it should still come out undamaged by the water. At Techscheme, the mobile is available with up to 12% off RRP, which means we can save you a possible £93.

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Met Office


Now on to the MET Office app with their world-leading weather forecasting. It’ll let you check rainfall for the next 24 hours, offers real-time updates and alerts for weather and severe weather warnings and allows you to save locations so that you can quickly check the forecast for the entirety of any journey, it’s a must for the regular commuter.

The ability to pre-plan your journeys like that, mean that you should probably do it from the comfort of your own home, perhaps with an incredible hybrid tablet like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It’s one of the most powerful tablets on the market and with real laptop infrastructure that lets you use it just like a laptop when you need to. At Techscheme we can save you up to £227 on the front-end hybrid tablet.

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Next up is one of the best and most popular weather forecasting apps. With around 1.5 billion using AccuWeather daily for their up to date weather news. It has a minute to minute rain forecast for the next two hours, localised using your GPS, meaning you can really judge what gear you need to leave the house with.


It supports over 100 languages and provides up to date weather information on a number of countries, from the US and UK to Luxembourg. If you want an app that can travel then, you’ll want some kit to take with you too. The Apple iPhone 7 is a hallmark of class worldwide; with its sleek look, excellent iOS security and the power that comes with being Apple’s best phone, you’ll never be lost with it in your pocket. Thanks to Techscheme savings, you needn’t pay globetrotting prices to get the best, we can save you up to £95 on the latest iPhone.

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Weather Pro


Lastly, we’ll talk about Weather Pro. It’s a Weather App that feels like it’s got everything. The correct weather for over 2 million worldwide locations, 7-day forecast that you can divide into 3-hour chunks, details for air pressure, wind direction, humidity and UV index with global extreme weather alerts that leave you fully prepared. It feels like the swiss army weather app.


With that, you need you need a device that also shines when versatility is called for. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is probably the best Android tablet around. With huge power and speed, great battery life and fast charging it’s a tablet that can handle just about any situation and at Techscheme we could knock off up to £80 from the RRP.

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Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1899.00 £227.88  £1671.12
iPhone 7 £799.00 £95.88 £703.12
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus £779.00 £93.48 £685.52
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 £669.00 £80.28 £588.72

So that’s our list of the best weather apps; they each have their strengths but they should all serve you well day to day. Techscheme also serves you well, with a vast range of tech products available with up to 12% off the RRP, as well as the ability to spread the cost over time. To take advantage, you’ll want to make sure your employer is signed up to our employee benefits scheme. It’s free and easy for them, so why not ask them to take a look.