Tablets occupy an odd space in our tech lives, not quite mobiles and not quite PCs, they have a remit to be as adaptable to situations as possible. A dedicated tablet should let you watch videos, make online calls, comfortably work and play. It’s a big ask, which is why for so long it seems that at the top end, it’s only Apple that has really nailed it. Well, here comes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-inch, a top spec, top performing Android tablet to finally give us a bit of choice. At Techscheme, we can save you up to 12% on any tech items, including the Tab S3, thanks to our incredible tech benefits. Why not have a read about Samsung’s latest heavyweight below.



For a high-end tablet, the Tab S3 really looks the part. It gleams with its all-glass design; the Gorilla Glass back adding a layer of futuristic panache while also feeling a lot more comfortable to hold. Just like Apple, we’re starting to see a uniformity in Samsung’s designs with the Tab S3 looking and feeling like a blown-up version of their latest mobile, the Galaxy S8. Albeit without the infinity screen.

It’s a good thing when a manufacturer perfects their design ethos, using the Tab is easy, because it feels familiar despite being new. There are four speakers that pump out sound well, an HDR ready screen for watching videos in the best quality (the world first for tablets), and Samsung even throw in a sleek stylus.


When it comes to specs, the Galaxy Tab S3 stand on the front lines of tablet tech. The Snapdragon 820 chip with Qualcomm SoC (system on a chip) and 4GB of RAM means that you’ll be playing games on the tablet without slowdown. After that, it’s hard to think what this tablet can’t do. Open tabs, streaming video and having a conversation on Messenger at the same time will be a breeze.

The HDR ready Super AMOLED screen is the best you’ll find on a tablet, and while there’s not a lot of HDR streaming out there right now, having it ready future-proofs you nicely. There’s 32GB of internal storage which should nicely store a few movies, books and tunes for long journeys, but there’s also a Micro SD slot to increase that. We’d have to say it’s the best Android tablet on the market right now, and it’s stiff competition for the iPad Pro 9.7-inch.

Usability & Battery

As we’ve already said, anyone familiar with Samsung’s interface and Android devices, in general, should find this a doddle to navigate, it comes with the latest version of Android too, so you won’t be waiting on updates. It’s got great 13MP and 5MP cameras, while the battery life is excellent.

The tablet can run for around 12 hours on a single charge, which is great for such a powerful machine, but where Samsung always shines is in its fast charging capabilities. You should be able to get a full charge on the Tab S3 in just 3 hours.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Galaxy Tab S3 4G & Wi-Fi £669.00 £80.28 £588.72
Galaxy Tab S3 Wi-Fi £599.00 £71.88 £527.12

In all, there’s a heck of a lot to love about the Galaxy Tab S3 and it offers a real alternative to Apple for those who want high-powered, high-functioning tablet but prefer Android. At retail, the Tab S3 will cost you up to £669, but Techscheme savings will save you up to £80. Our savings are available on everything at Techscheme, but you’ll need your employer on board to take advantage. If they haven’t already signed up to the scheme for free, ask them to get in touch with us. There are benefits for them too.