Getting around the UK with its myriad options for public transport, labyrinthine cities and often congested roads can be a bit of a nightmare at times, especially if you do a job where you aren’t necessarily going to the same place every day. Here at Techscheme, we’ve put together a list of the best travel apps for getting from A to B in GB. We’ve also suggested some top notch mobile and tablet hardware for you to use them on, all available with Techscheme’s benefits because we’re nice like that.



The urban navigation app, Citymapper, is a must for any commuter. It combines information on any method of travel you can think of to give you real-time information about your commute. It lets you save preferred bus stops or train stations for easy access, will give you daily updates on your commute and sends alerts for potential disruptions while also suggesting alternative routes.

If you’re a city dweller this is a perfect hold-all solution for streamlining your daily travel. You’ll also probably want this on a mobile, so you can make decisions on the fly. It’s available for free for Android and iOS, but, why not try it out on the iPhone SE, the iPhone with the power of 6s but in a smaller lighter package. Perfect for those tight tubes. The iPhone SE is available with up to £57 off from the recommended retail price when you pick it up from Techscheme.

UK Bus Checker


The UK Bus Checker app is a more specific app and it’s perfect for getting around in places you’re not too familiar with. It has live transit times, smart journey planning and comprehensive route maps for the whole of the UK. It’s not just buses though – trams, trains, ferry and underground times are all included – and with the UK Bus Checker widget, you can get your live times straight to your home screen without even having to open the app. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

While it’s not necessary to use the app’s features, If you fancy filling up that home screen, you’ll probably want all the screen space you can get, which is why the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the best phone for the job. The new Galaxy is one of the best phones ever made and its edge-to-edge infinity screen is a thing to behold. At Techscheme, our savings can shave off up to £93 on the brand-new mobile.

Trainline UK & TrainTrick


The Trainline UK app is a must for those who often need to travel out of town for work. Whether you’re visiting clients, manufacturers or service providers you want to make sure that trip is as quick and hassle free as possible. Trainline UK collates all the information from the main rail providers in the UK into one, up to date app. You can plan your journey, book tickets and receive live updates all through Trainline UK on iOS and Android.

Of course, delays are inevitable and we’ve all been in situations where we’ve been inconvenienced by a rail disruption. That’s where TrainTrick comes in, it’s the easiest way to claim for train delays. Upload a picture of a ticket, describe your journey and they’ll make the claim for you. It’s available for Android and iOS. If you’re keeping up to date while travelling you’ll probably have the luxury or using a device that’s a bit bigger, so why not look at the brand new iPad, it’s slick and ultra-usable while riding the rails. You can get it with up to £67 of savings from Techscheme.



Lastly, we’ll talk about Gett, one of the many taxi apps coming on to the market at the moment. It has a wider network than many of its competitors, covering 25 UK cities, while it also only uses black cabs, making it a bit more palatable for those with concerns about similar services. Sign up to the service and you can book and pre-book black cabs at a reasonable cost, without having to have cash on you. It’s an easy to use service, available on Android and iOS, that should help you beat the traffic in a number of cities.

You’ll need something to download the app onto though, of course, it’s available on iOS but if you’re an Android fan you may want to check out the LG G5, one of last year’s best flagship mobiles, and it still packs a punch today. At Techscheme it’s available with up to £59 off the RRP.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

£779.00 £93.48 £685.52
iPad Cellular 128GB £559.00 £67.08


LG G5 £499.00 £59.88


iPhone SE 128GB £479.00 £57.48


Those are some of the best travel apps for commuters that we can find and they should help you zip across the UK no matter which method of transport you prefer. If you’re interested in saving money with Techscheme, while being able to spread the cost on top of the range tech, you need to make sure your employer has signed up to the scheme. There are benefits for them as well, not least the fact that you’ll be happy and it won’t cost them a thing. Ask them to take a look today.