Samsung’s latest set of flagship mobiles are looming on the horizon; it will be the first big step into the new generation of smartphones and us here at Techscheme are quite excited. That’s why we’ve put together this piece, to let you know what’s new with latest Android mobiles, when you can pick them up and just how much you’ll save if you do that with us.

Design and Display

The first thing you might have noticed about the new Samsung mobiles is that the bigger version no longer bears the “Edge” name. That’s because both mobiles now feature that unique Samsung edge-to-edge curved screen – and what a screen it is. The display is phenomenal on both mobiles, crystal clear and bright the Super AMOLED screens are the best we’ve seen on any mobile so far.


In terms of the rest of the design, the phone looks great. It’s an ‘all-screen’ mobile, meaning the glass covers the entirety of the device, even on the 6.2-inch S8 Plus. They are striking yet comfortable in the hand while still feeling familiar to the Samsung user, despite some home button and fingerprint sensor changes. They may well be the best-looking Android phones we have ever seen.

Hardware and User Interface

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 17.22.23

Of course, a redesign and an impressive screen aren’t what make a mobile. Ultimately, they need to handle the rigours of day to day use and for that, you need some solid innards. We’re sure it’s no surprise to you to learn that these mobiles meet and surpass any expectations in that regard.

These are going to be the most powerful phones in their respective sizes so far, with their high-powered Exynos processors, 4GB RAM and the first chipset to come in the smaller 10nm package. This means the power output and speed will be brilliant. There’s nothing this mobile shouldn’t be able to do and honestly, it’ll be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with no slowdown. The 10nm package will also make the battery more efficient, so while they’re actually smaller than in the previous generation they should last just as long, meaning you’ll still get well over a day’s life out of both.

Release Date and Price

You’re likely salivating now, and the only questions left to answer will be regarding how and when you can get your hands on them. Well, you can pre-order now from Techscheme to make sure you get them as soon as we do. The RRP of the S8 is £689, but thanks to Techscheme benefits we’ll save you up to £82 on that, while the supposedly £779 RRP of the S8 Plus can be reduced by £93 if you pick it up from us. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll let you spread the cost on these brand-new phones, so that you don’t have to spend it all at once.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 17.23.16.png

Of course, the previous generation – the S7 and S7 Edge, are hardly over the hill. So, if you’re the sort of person who likes to stay one generation back we’ll save you up to £68 and £76 respectively on the older generation.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus £779.00 £93.48 £685.52
Samsung Galaxy S8 £689.00 £82.68 £606.32
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £639.00 £76.68 £562.32
Samsung Galaxy S7 £569.00 £68.28 £500.72

That’s the skinny on the new Samsung flagship mobiles at Techscheme and if you’re as impressed as we are, don’t hesitate to pre-order to make sure you get your hands on the infinite-screened beauties. To be able to buy from Techscheme, you’ll need your employer to sign up to our benefits scheme. It’s free for them, and we’ll try and make the process as simple as possible, so send them our way and you’ll be able to spread the cost, and save money on the latest tech.