Spring is sprung and what better way to get over those winter blues than by cleaning up your mobile and tablet to speed up your life? Well, there’s probably a few, but every little helps. Here at Techscheme, we’ve put together a bunch of handy hints for speeding up your Android or iOS devices with a little technical know-how. You’re welcome.

Clear the Cache and Uninstall Unused Apps

Okay, so your apps all collect cached data, and for a while, this can help to speed up those programs by giving you quick access to information or pages you’ve already visited. Over time, though, all that information starts become a drain on the system. So, our advice would be to clear out the cache of all but the most recently of installed apps.

On Android just head over to Apps > All Apps to see a full list of all your programs click on them, select Storage > Clear Cache to clear it out. From your app list, you can also go through and uninstall any apps you might not be using, which should shave off some precious time from your boot up. On iOS devices, it can be difficult to clear individual app caches, but with their inbuilt apps, you can do it by opening them, going to the tab bar and pressing any of the buttons 10 times in a row (quickly). If the app flashes white, you’ve got it.

If you’re looking for an Android mobile that can handle more of that heavy data, it’s worth considering the Samsung Galaxy S7, one of the best Android mobiles on the market at the moment; at Techscheme our savings mean you could spend up to £68 on the top-class mobile.

Transfer to the Cloud

We’re all probably guilty of keeping files on our devices that we rarely use, yet don’t necessarily want to get rid of, for that there’s the cloud. It’s a great place to store your old photos, videos work documents or any other file you can think of. On Android, you’re probably best off going for Google Drive, others are available but this one probably came pre-installed on your device and it offers 15GB free storage, as well as an unlimited backup for photos and videos through Google Photos. It also comes with a suite of office-style apps for getting your work done.

iOS has iCloud, of course. You’ll want to make sure it’s turned on and visible if you’re going to be using it regularly do this by heading to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and flip the buttons to turn on and show on home screen. If it’s not pre-installed, you can get it from the app store. It comes with 5GB free storage as standard, but you can subscribe for more if needed.

The great thing about these services is that it allows you to use your files wherever you want, on any device you want that supports them. If you’re looking for a new high-powered tablet to add to your Apple ecosystem, you can’t go wrong with the iPad Pro 9.7-inch. It’s probably the best iPad Apple have released so far, and at Techscheme it costs up to £101 less than recommended retail price (RRP).

General Tips

Of course, there are a few other things you can do to spring clean your tech and make sure it’s all running nice and speedy. Try regularly deleting your internet history, and clearing out all the bloatware apps that came with your phone (the ones you never use at least). It might be a good idea to make sure your messaging apps like iMessages or WhatsApp are clearing out old messages.

Lastly, as a bit of regular maintenance, try and turn off your phone every once in a while, and letting it completely power down to reset its RAM usage. Of course, one sure fire way to have a quick and clean device is to upgrade. At Techscheme we offer up to 12% off the RRP of all tech, including the iPhone 7 and its brand new (RED) iteration – we’ll save you up to £95.88 on that

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
iPad Pro 9.7” 256GB £849.00 £101.88 £747.12
iPhone 7 256GB £799.00 £95.88 £703.12
Samsung Galaxy S7 £569.00 £68.28 £500.72

Those are a few of our best tips for spring cleaning your mobile and tablet, alongside a few of our best prices on top of the line tech. If you want to take advantage of our employee benefits, then make sure your employer is signed up to the scheme. If they aren’t, why not ask them to get in touch with us, it won’t cost them a penny.