You never know where you are with Google; the tech giant loves to play by different rules to everyone else and now, ahead of their Google I/O festival, they’ve already released the developer build of Android O, the next iteration of the standard bearing open source OS (operating system. At Techscheme, we’ve put together all the information about Android O we can find to let you know what to look forward to.

Android O: Name and Release Date

In terms of the name, we can only speculate, but you can see from the Nougat reveal video above, they take it very seriously. Google love to use confectionary/ingredient words to brand their OS and we can’t imagine why this would be any different. We think that Oreo probably fits the bill better than anything else but there are some other contenders in Oatcake, Oatmeal, Orange, and Olive. Of course, they could try reaching out to an older generation with Android Ovaltine.

The release date is also unknown at this point, but we do have some data we can use to narrow it down. Last year, for example, Google played the same trick of releasing the developer build of Android Nougat before their conference, so if we follow a similar timeline then we should be seeing the new Android O by August/September this year. Either way, we’ll be finding out more at Google I/O in May.

Android O: Which Mobiles Will It Be Available For

Working out whether your mobile will qualify for Android O isn’t too tricky. It will be released for Google’s own devices first, of course, but after that, you should see it hit the larger brands within 6 months or so. So, if you’ve got yourself a flagship LG or Samsung mobile, you should reasonably expect it. Motorola also has a good relationship with Google, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it hit the Moto G4.

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Android O: New Features

Now for the fun bit, finding out all the new features for Android O. Of course, we’re getting information from the developer build, so some of these may not make it, and we may get some more on top, but here’s what we know so far.

Multiple display support should allow you to move between screens like you might do with a dual-monitor setup on PC. There’ll be a picture-in-picture mode to use with video playback, customisable notifications as well as improved caching and background app restrictions which should really speed things up, while saving you on battery life. There’s also a rumour about improved gestures allowing you to simply draw a letter on the screen to call up an app instantly (F for Facebook, for example).

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