At Techscheme we’re always on the look out for the most exciting new tech. And our latest arrival is no different. As one of the most advance home automation systems on the market, Wondrwall is a seriously cool piece of kit.

Wondrwall takes control of the lighting, heating and security of your home, exactly as you would. The system works by gaining intelligence into the way you live via a series of smart light switches. Each switch is imbedded with 13 sensors that capture your living preferences and patterns. Wondrwall then turns this insight into actions. From heating your bedroom to your perfect temperature for when you wake up, to turning the lights on in the rooms it knows you’ll use to get ready, and then powering down when you’re due to leave home. And if your routine changes, Wondrwall does too.

Fear not, you can always take back control. Wondrwall is integrated with Amazon push-to-talk technology; engage with ‘Alexa’ and vocalise any changes. Alternatively connect with your system via the Android or IOS app to update functions; perfect for when you’re away from home.

Wondrwall was always destined to capture the hearts of true techies, but it’s also the perfect solution for families seeking safer, energy efficient living. The system makes running a busy home effortless, whilst making savings on your energy bills too. With Wondrwall your home is never lit or heated when not in use, so you’ll avoid wasting energy. You’ll never have to worry about the kids re-creating Blackpool Illuminations again.

Wondrwall’s security features will also appeal to families. App alerts are sent when key fob holding family members leave or arrive home, giving parents added piece of mind. The system also gives app alerts if it detects abnormalities indicating a compromise in home security. For instance, a cooler than usual airflow could indicate a window being left open when no one is home.

Getting started with Wondrwall is simple. Choose the Base Kit to begin, which includes:

  • x1 Light Switch
  • x1 Thermostat
  • x1 Alarm Siren
  • x2 Key Fobs

The Light Switch, Thermostat and Alarm are all designed to replace traditional versions within your home. Purchase additional Light Switches and Key Fobs, and personalise Wondrwall to your home.

Wondrwall is available as a salary sacrifice exclusive through Techscheme. So not only do you get an incredible piece of technology, you make savings and spread the cost too. It’s a win-win situation. Check out the table below to see what saving you could make when you shop Wondrwall today.

Wondrwall Tech:

RRP: Savings: Techscheme Price:

Base Kit

£499 £59.88* £439.12
Light Switch £109 £13.08*


Key Fob £19 £2.28*


*Savings based upon a lower rate National Insurance payer.