One of the great joys of owning a mobile device is the ability to take great snaps wherever you go. With mobile cameras getting better and better you can put together some awesome albums, and with the capture and editing apps out there, there’s never been a better time to become a mobile photography pro. Here at Techscheme, we’ve put together a list of some of the best photography apps, as well as making a few suggestions for the best mobiles to use them with. All the mobiles at Techscheme come with up to 12% savings from you National Insurance Contributions, so get on it today.

Adobe Photoshop Fix


Adobe know how to make editing software, it’s kind of what they’re famous for. With Photoshop Fix, you can now use that knowledge and experience on your tablet or mobile. There are plenty of features that let you smooth, heal, lighten and liquefy your images, including a face-aware liquefy option that lets you make some dramatic features to facial features, just in case you accidentally catch a snap of your mortal enemies.

Helpfully, you can also use Adobe Creative Cloud to share your images between devices or transfer them to your full powered PC version for further edits. The app will automatically convert changes as layers and package them as a PSD file for ultimate ease. If you’re going to be editing your images on your mobile device you’ll want some screen real estate, and while Photoshop Fix works excellently on smartphones, why not try the iPad Pro 9.7-inch. The Pro has plenty of power and speed to cope with even the most intensive of editing operations, and it’s available with savings of up to £101.88 on Techscheme.

Price: Free
Get it from: iTunes / Google Play


2Hypocam.jpegOf course, for a certain kind of artistic soul the only way to take pictures is in black and white, and for that, we recommend Hypocam. The app has plenty of love shooting and editing features designed specifically for using with black and white pictures. There’s a wide social media community to share your pictures with and there are several tools and filters you can pick up through the store for added creativity.

Hypocam also has a number of inspirational stories from other creators to get your creative juices flowing. One of the best cameras on the market right now, no matter how many colours you decide to shoot in, belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S7. At Techscheme you can save up to £68.28 on the top of the range Android mobile.

Price: Free
Get it from: iTunes / Google Play



It’s not always about your new snaps, though, many of us have plenty of old pictures we’d like to ensure we can hang on to. Photscan is an app designed to save your old pictures digitally, by scanning them. It takes just a few seconds to grab a glare-free image of your old pictures, while the automatic cropping, perspective correction, and smart rotation features ensure you get the best quality image of your old pictures.

It’s a great way to get your old images saved digitally, for sharing and keeping safe. Any mobile could handle Photoscan, but if you’re an ardent photographer who wants a bit more bang for their mobile buck you might consider the LG G5, which has added accessories to boost its camera capabilities beyond the norm. The mobile itself is available on Techscheme with up to £59.88 of savings.

Price: Free
Get it from: iTunes / Google Play



Finally, for people who are deep into their photography, Exify is a great app for seasoned pros. The iOS-only app is a toolbox for everything you need to know about your images. It gives you access to information on exposure, image and colour size, colour sampling and location data in your photographs.

iOS action extensions provide tools for using in any program that supports the action sheet for images, such as some popular messaging apps while iOS editing extensions let you add watermarks, set copyright information and edit or remove location data for extra privacy. If you’re going for an iOS only app then you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your images. The iPhone 7 Plus with its dual-lens main camera is probably the finest mobile picture taker on the market right now, you can pick it up at Techscheme with savings of up to £110.28.

Price: £1.49
Get it from: iTunes


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

iPhone 7 Plus (256GB)

£919.00 £110.28


iPad Pro 9.7” (256GB) £849.00 £101.88


Samsung Galaxy S7 £569.00



LG G5 £499.00 £59.88


There we go, some great apps for a whole host of different photography needs. At Techscheme, we’ve got a load of great deals on tech products, and a lot of them have cameras attached. To take advantage of our employee benefits you need to make sure your employer is signed up. There are benefits for them too, and it’s free and simple to sign up. Why not send them our way?