Ever since Apple decided to do away with the headphone jack in their incredible flagship mobile – the iPhone 7 – there’s been a rush to create better and better wireless headphones. Recently, the Apple-owned Beats have released the Beats X as a high quality, affordable option for in-ear sound. We’ve decided to take a look at the Beats X to give you the lowdown.

Look & Feel

Of course, one important consideration for earphones is seemingly often forgotten – how good do they look. When you’re wearing a set of wires on your head there’s a danger of looking a bit silly or awkward. Luckily, Beats X look fantastic.

Available in four block colours, white, blue, grey and black the Beats X manage to look both simplistic and futuristic. There’s a flex-form wraparound cable that sits around the back of your neck while wearing that you can either show off or hide behind a collar, it gives an added layer of comfort while making the earphone feel secure while on.

You can swap out the classic ear tips with extra secure wingtip options that let you customise your comfort level, or allow you to take in a bit of vigorous exercise without suddenly losing your thumping, motivational beats. It also comes with a classy little rubber pouch to hold them in when they’re not in use. It holds them securely, with minimum availability for tangling, and even though there’s no buttons or zips involved, the Beats X never seems to fall out. It’s a modern marvel on its own.

Sound Quality

Then there’s the really important bit, do these earphones produce high-quality sound? Yes. Yes, they do. Certain wireless earphones are infamous for their sub-par sound but the Beats X avoids that kind of criticism with clear, well-balanced sound.

Beats have always been known for their incredible bass capabilities, and it’s clearly present here, but it’s been augmented and toned down for a more all-around sound quality. It’s crisp and bright, with good quality mid to high ranges to make for an ideal everyday earphone solution.

The Bluetooth works brilliantly, basically eliminating sudden drop-outs if your device is within range, which is huge for a set of wireless headphones, easily more than 10 meters. It’s also very easy to set up and pair with your Apple device (mobile, tablet, watch or Mac) thanks to the onboard W1 chip that’s there specifically to talk to iOS for you.

The Battery & Extra Bits

Lastly, we should talk about the battery, a necessity in Bluetooth headphones. The Beats X are great for their relative size and give you a solid 8 hours of continuous use, which should give you plenty of time in the day. For those of you with a mammoth commute, Beats sort you out with fast charging and can push out another 2 hours of play time after just 5 minutes of charging.

To top it all off, when hanging around your neck the headphones will magnetically click together to prevent them jangling on your chest, or falling off entirely. You can use them as a hands-free headset with your mobile and the sound quality is predictably good. Basically, these are fantastic Bluetooth earphones, with a lot of features and at a fair price, which you can save even more on at Techscheme

Mobile RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Beats X £129.95 £15.59 £114.36

The Beats X earphones deliver a number of key features that the competition cannot, and for us, there’s no better complement to your iOS device. All Techscheme products come with up to 12% off from National Insurance Contributions and you can spread the cost; to take advantage of our benefits you’ll need to check your employer has signed up. If they haven’t, it’s free and easy for them to do so, ask them to have a look.