LG are one of the big mobile manufacturers, and they have a great reputation for producing quality handsets. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome the G5 and X-Screen to the roster of quality smartphones available through Techscheme. Of Course, before you rush to take advantage of the savings and spread-the-cost benefits of LG mobiles in our store, you might want to know a bit more about them, which is why we’ve put together a bit of information for you.


The G5 is a flagship mobile, built to do everything and to look good doing it. The externals are slick with a stylish, curved metal casing that brings with it a feel of substance. Its 5.3-inch screen is crisp and sharp and puts it close to some of the higher-end mobiles on the market.

LG designed the G5 to be a modular mobile, which gives it some unique advantages over other mobiles. You pick up several add-on peripheries or accessories separately, that plug into the G5 and can turn it into any number of things, be it a VR unit, Hi-Fi or an upgraded camera, and that flexibility when needed could be a huge boost to the right kind of user.

On its own, though, it’s still one of the best Android mobiles out there. Its Qualcomm processor provides plenty of power, the battery life lasts for a solid day (and it’s removable, for those who like that sort of thing), and the two cameras at 8MP and 16MP, stand up well to some of the higher end mobiles out there. The LG G5 is available at Techscheme, with up to £59 of savings from its RRP.

LG X-Screen

While the G5 is off competing with the heavyweights, the X-Screen is trying to do something a little different. The mid-range mobile has set out to innovate, with its two-screen front display, with a small strip screen sat just above the main 4.9-inch screen; they sit pleasantly flush with each other, meaning they look like one piece of glass.

While the main screen does all the heavy-lifting, taking care of the standard mobile duties and looking as good as anything remotely near it in price, the second screen aims to make your phone habits more efficient. The always-on display shows you the time and date, battery information and notifications, so you have a quick easy information source without having to go into your mobile. The smaller screen also lets you launch apps and access settings, which you can do normally, but you’d be surprised at how instinctive it becomes when you get used to it.

Amazingly, this mid-mobile with two screens has impressive battery life; the average user will find around a day and a half of power at their disposal. It’s the same story all around for the X-Screen, as it consistently punches above its weight in terms of price. You’ll find an excellent Qualcomm quad-core processor, crisp display, and even the cameras do well against the competition. You can get the quirky mid-range mobile for even less on Techscheme, with potential savings of up to £27.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Savings
LG G5 £499.00 £59.88 £439.12
LG X-Screen £229.99 £27.60 £202.39

The LG phones here at Techscheme are two very different beasts, but whether you want a heavy-hitter or quirky-caller you won’t be disappointed. We have a whole range of mobiles and other techy goods available in our store, but to take advantage of our fantastic benefits, you’ll need to check that your employer is signed up. Don’t worry if they’re not, it’s free, quick and easy to do, so ask them to take a look.