It feels like everyone forgets about desktop PCs these days, with laptops and tablets stealing all the headlines and upping the power levels, it can feel like the home-based stalwarts are a little neglected. They haven’t been, of course, and the HP Pro One 400 G2 is proof of that. We’ve taken a look at the all-in-one desktop PC to let you know where the land lies. Remember that at Techscheme we’ll save you money on all our tech products thanks to our signature employee benefits.

On the Outside

The HP Pro is a computer that’s made for business, as such, you’d think that it wouldn’t care too much about looking good, but it might surprise you. The all-in-one body is sleek and elegant with a matte black front and silver rear and kickstand, although you can pick-up a larger stand separately if needed. It’s designed to manage external wires sensibly and has edge-to-edge glass for flexible placement. It looks, in the best way possible, like 60’s Americana version of a future TV. Which is to say that we like it.

The 20-inch LED screen is both HD and touch capable so that you can navigate, or tweak details with your fingers if necessary, all in a vibrant 1600×900 resolution.

Under the Hood


In terms of the power specifications, the HP Pro One aspires to give you “power like a tower” and it doesn’t disappoint. The Intel Core i5 processor puts out 2500 GHz and coupled with 4GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and onboard HD Graphics makes this the perfect work computer. It will excel at helping you do what needs doing while leaving enough power left over for you to take in the odd break-time frivolity.

It comes with an optical DVD/RW drive, four USB 3.0 slots, two USB 2.0, as well as additional ports for display, microphone, and headphone. That means you’ll have no trouble fitting the Pro One into the centre of your home-office hub. The operating system is the super-slick Windows 10 Pro-64bit.

Do Work, Be Safe

With Windows own inter-connectivity, Cortana’s impressive search functions and the touchscreen, the HP Pro One 400 G2 is already a fantastic computer for collaborative working. In addition, though, you’ll get HP Noise Reduction software, that can clear out you computers ambient noise (although you’ll have to deal with the kids tearing up the living room yourself), and the DTS Studio Sound speakers were designed to help you make the most out of video conferencing.screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-11-40-07

As you’d expect from a work computer, this HP is all set up for security. As well as the embedded TPM (trusted platform module) security chip, the Pro One is set up for use with HP BIOSphere which allows your computer to self-heal from malware or BIOS related issues, providing protection from corruption of files.

Recommended Retail Price Savings

Techscheme Price

£799 £95.88


The HP Pro One 400 G2 is the ideal business computer, it’s not worried about gaming, or 3d animation or anything else, it’s built to provide fast, efficient and secure work experience, and it’s one of the best at that. The HP Pro One comes with savings of up to £95 on Techscheme, but you won’t be able to get that unless your employer has signed up. Ask them to take a look, it’s free and easy, and there are benefits for them too, not least making you happy.