Investing in some hot new piece of tech is not just about hardware; how a gadget looks is almost as important as how it runs. Of course, you want the best specs, but with the strength of the market these days, there’s no reason not to demand a piece of kit that looks as good as it performs. We’ve decided to collect just some of our favourite, easy on the eye, tech pieces to talk about. Don’t forget, at Techscheme the prices look good too, thanks to our signature savings.

MacBook Pro 2016

You should look no further than the MacBook Pro 2016. There’s no doubt that this is the most beautiful Mac you can buy, and there’s a strong argument to it being the best-looking laptop full stop. The whole body is machined out of a single piece of aluminium, and you have the option of it coming in silver or space grey.

It makes it look more than stylish, it looks solid, even as a thinner lighter version of its predecessors it exudes a quiet strength. Which is impressive for a computer. Beyond that, there are new touches, the huge trackpad provides terrific functionality where the Touch bar lights up and allows for direct control of several features. The great-looking MacBook Pro 2016 comes in both 13 and 15-inch sizes, whichever one you choose Techscheme could save you hundreds.

Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book is one of the best-looking pieces of machinery we’ve ever seen. Almost everything about the exterior of this device is unique, there’s the 3:2 screen aspect ratio, the flat, yet gently tapered, body, futuristic silver colouring and then, of course, the dynamic fulcrum hinge that make this laptop incomparable.

That predator-like hinge allows you to detach the screen from the base to use as a tablet, or flip it around and it’ll curl flat with the screen facing out so that you can combine the battery power between base and tablet. When you add all that style to the incredible performance of one the best laptops on the market, especially with the new Intel core i7 build, the Microsoft Surface Book is a fantastic choice for the stylish Windows user. At Techscheme, we can save you up to £317 on a Surface Book.


Samsung KU6400

You would expect a certain amount of picture quality from a Samsung TV, and, of course, the KU6400 doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Top notch UHD Crystal Colour tech on a HDR (high dynamic range) screen with UHD (ultra-high definition) scaling means you’ll have one of the best TVs in its price range.


Beyond what it shows you, though, is how it looks on its own and the KU6400 is a beauty. Utterly simplistic, the telly has a 360-degree design that makes it good to look at from every angle, you can wall mount the pleasantly thin, but Samsung has you covered if your living room leaves more of the KU6400 exposed. The small 1cm bezel around the screen makes it look huge, to make sure nothing is taken away from your viewing experience. You can find the 55” Samsung KU6400 at Techscheme with savings of up to £113.

Withings Activite


Lastly, we’ll talk about one of the best-looking wearables on the market, the Withings Activite. It comes in a few varieties from the more affordable, funky looking ‘Pop’ to the uber-classy high end ‘Sapphire’. The standout features of the Activite range dovetail nicely to create a fantastic looking wearable fitness tracker.

Being analogue in nature allows the watch to be built like a watch, no garish brightly lit displays, unnecessary buttons or bulky backs, just the clean simple lines of an elegant timepiece. It’ll track your steps distance calories and sleep and send it to your app, but your classic display barely lets anyone know the watches true purpose, showing only a second smaller dial that tracks your steps. The Activite is one of the most stylish pieces of tech we’ve ever seen and it’s available through us with savings of up to £38.40.


RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

MacBook Pro 15” (2016) £2699.00 £323.88


Microsoft Surface Book £2649.00 £317.88


MacBook Pro 13” (2016) £1749.00 £209.88


Samsung KU6400 £944.00 £113.28


Withings Activite (Sapphire) £320.00 £38.40


 So, there we go, just a few of the incredibly stylish items available at Techscheme that prove that function and form needn’t be mutually exclusive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, so check out our full range of available products to see if there’s anything that takes your breath away. All Techscheme products come with savings of up to 12% on National Insurance Contributions as well as the ability to spread the cost. If you want to take advantage then your employer need to sign up – for free – why not ask them to have a look?