The iPad Pro range is the latest in a long line of fantastic tablets made by Apple; larger than a normal iPad, an Air or a mini, the iPad Pros, in both sizes, boast incredible power. All you need to know is what the difference is between the two, and how that might suit you. Whichever way you fancy your iPad Pro you can get great savings at on them, and all products, at Techscheme.


As you would expect, both models look almost identical besides their size. The 9.7-inch model is a scaled-down version of the classy looking, larger Pro, both have the same elegant style and weighty firmness. Speaking of weight, the smaller model tops out at around 444g compared to 723g for the bigger version. It’s a significant difference for a portable device and so the 9.7 might well do you better if you happen to cart your tablet around a lot, while the larger screen on the 12.9 is better for sitting down and getting stuff done.


One final point for the externals goes to the smaller Pro, which is to say that alongside the Space Grey, Silver and Gold colour schemes that its bigger brother comes in, the 9.7 throws Rose Gold into the mix. It’s a big deal to some.

Power and Display

Now we’ll get down to what actually makes the models tick, and in terms of the engine under the chassis, there’s not a whole lot of difference. Both Pros feature the new A9X processor chip with 64-bit architecture and an M9 motion coprocessor, which is to say that they’re both incredibly powerful tablets that will handle any task with ease. There’s only one notable difference between the different versions; when it comes to getting a Cellular iPad Pro, you only have the option for a 32GB hard drive on the smaller model. At 12.9 inches the hard drives start at 128GB.


The two Pros have different resolutions, of course, but adjusted for their screen size they both feature the same impressive 264PPI (pixels per inch). By virtue of being ever so slightly more recent, the smaller model does have a few advantages over its bigger brother when it comes to the display, though. New True Tone and a wider colour display mean that the smaller Pro adjusts its brightness to your surroundings while having a wider array of colours theoretically makes the images clearer and more vibrant. In practice, both screens are phenomenal, if you have to have the best display, technically it’s the 9.7, otherwise, they’re both functionally as good as each other.

Battery Life, Camera

Battery life isn’t equal between the two, with the smaller model able to last a couple of hours longer than its counterpart. There is a trade-off, though, as the larger model’s fast charging capabilities get it topped up much more quickly, so which is more important is down to how you use your device. In terms of time, though, standard use should see you through a day on both, it’s only when you’re gaming and streaming non-stop that those extra couple of hours come into play.


When it comes to cameras the 9.7 has a clearly better set-up as the newer model it boasts 12MP iSight rear and 5MP front cameras compared to the 8MP, 1.2MP build of the 12.9-inch. While the bigger iPad still clearly takes excellent photographs, it makes sense for the smaller, more easily mobile model to have the better camera.


Lastly, we’ll talk about what it means to have a Wi-Fi + Cellular model vs just plain Wi-Fi. As we’ve mentioned, a Cellular model is slightly heavier, this is so they can add the tech to accept a SIM card. Basically, through a network provider, you can get a SIM for your iPad which will allow you to connect your iPad Pro to the internet through 3G/4G when there’s no Wi-Fi signal. It won’t let you make calls, and you’ll have to sort it out with your provider yourself, but it’s a handy tool to have if you often find yourself working from your tablet while out and about.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

12.9” 256GB Cellular

£1029.00 £123.48


12.9” 256GB Wi-Fi £909.00



9.7” 256GB Cellular £849.00 £101.88


9.7” 256GB Wi-Fi £729.00 £87.48


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