The last year has been an incredible one for tech: it feels like we’ve had more breakthrough moments than usual and here at Techscheme we’ve been lucky enough to be along for the ride. Not only do we stock some of the year’s best gadgets and technological leaps forward but we’ve done it all while offering some incredible employee benefits, allowing you to save, and spread the cost on 2016’s best tech.

Best Laptop – Microsoft Surface Book

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 17.34.54.png

The Microsoft Surface Book feels like the culmination of years of development. The hybrid laptop eschews the traditional flimsiness of its counterparts, with the need for added parts to truly build a laptop/tablet combination that actually fits the brief for both.

Aside from the eye-catching, futuristic design, the Surface Book’s power is incredible. There five variations on specs available at Techscheme, and we can save you between £155 and £317 depending on your preference. At its base level, the Surface Book is an impressive laptop that’ll handle the toughest of assignments, at the top spec, it’s one of the finest laptops on the market, and that’s before remembering you can use it as a tablet too.

Honourable Mention – MacBook Pro 15-inch


We should give a shout out to the incredible MacBook Pro 15-inch though. The most stylish, most powerful and most impressive MacBook to date integrates top level hardware specs, new techs like the Touch Bar and Touch ID inside a great-looking redesigned body. It’s available at Techscheme with savings of up to £323.88.

Model RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

Microsoft Surface Book 1TB

£2649.00 £317.88


MacBook Pro 15” 512GB £2699.00 £323.88


Best Mobile – Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 17.35.44.png

You just cannot separate Samsung and Apple in the battle for best mobile. The Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are super slick, super powerful Android devices that will handle anything you throw at them. Add in the great battery life, fast charging, industry-leading displays and you’d think there would be nothing to match it.


Of course, you can never discount an iPhone, and the 7 and 7 Plus didn’t disappoint. They combined new and improved tech like the A10 fusion quad-core chip and Taptic engine with incredible cameras and a quality retina display. All that while re-inventing the earphones. At Techscheme you can save up to 12% from Nation Insurance Contributions on the year’s best mobiles.


RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB

£919.00 £110.28


iPhone 7 256GB

£799.00 £95.88


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

£639.00 £76.68


Samsung Galaxy S7 £569.00 £68.28


Best Tablet – iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 17.36.35.png

It’s hard to pick the best tablet of the year, but the 9.7-inch iPad Pro just about sticks its head above the parapet. The new, smaller, lighter version of Apple’s super-powered tablet doesn’t miss a beat. Despite its more nimble frame it managed to remain just as powerful, extend the battery life and improve on the display and cameras of its bigger brother to create one of the most comprehensively brilliant tablet experiences on the market. To top it off, we can save you up to £101 on the Apple tablet.

Honourable Mention – Microsoft Surface Pro 4screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-17-36-46We should also mention the Surface Pro 4, like the Surface Book it’s a hybrid with many different spec variations, although you’ll need to pick up the Type Cover case separately to use it as a laptop. It can be incredibly powerful at the top end of its range, good enough to take over the duties of a laptop even. We can save you between £89 and £215 on the Surface Pro 4 depending on your spec preferences.

Model RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

iPad Pro 9.7” 256GB Cellular £849.00 £101.88


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 512GB £1799.00 £215.88


Those are just some of the amazing tech products at Techscheme that came out in 2016, if they don’t take your fancy then we have plenty more to look at, each with our signature savings. If you want to take advantage of our employee benefits then your employer needs to be signed up. Ask them to take a look today.