The new iPhone 7 is out and that means we just have to see how the iOS device fares up against one of the best Android mobiles on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Both mobiles have proven themselves to be impressive in their own right but how they stack up against each other could be the decisive factor in choosing which new mobile to pick up. Regardless of which one you choose, Techscheme offers you fantastic savings thanks to our employee benefits.

Design and Display

We’ll start with how the two devices look. The standard models, don’t look too dissimilar from each other, with the same rough dimensions (the S7 is slightly larger by 0.4 inches) and pleasingly rounded corners. They both come in a number of colours, five, including the new Jet Black for the iPhone and three, for the Galaxy. The larger Edge and Plus models have more marked differences, with the Edge’s curved sides that allow for easy access to some apps and the Plus being an up-scaled version of its little brother.

Winner: iPhone 7 for its wider variety of colours / S7 Edge for its useful curves.

In terms of the screen display, Apple and Samsung really know what they’re doing. The iPhone’s backlit LED Retina tech mark this as the best display on an Apple mobile ever. It’s crisp and clear, shows great colour and you’ll never find it wanting. Samsung’s AMOLED screens, however, have led the way for a few generations, and that hasn’t changed here, the S7 and S7 Edge have the best mobile displays on a current gen mobile.

Winner: Both are great but Samsung edge it.

Power and Battery Life

Deciding which phone is the most powerful is a little difficult. Technically the S7’s custom built Exynos 8890, 2.3 GHz octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM can push out more power than the iPhone 7’s brand new A10 fusion quad-core set-up. In practice though there’s very little between the devices in terms of what they can do. You’ll easily be able to play brand new mobile games, stream quality video, keep tons of browser tabs open and apps on in the background without noticing any problems. Ultimately, even with slightly less onboard power, it’s the iPhone that seems to be just that little bit faster to respond.


Winner: The slightly newer iPhone 7 & 7 Plus are just a tad quicker.

Battery life may well be the only category here where there is an obvious winner. While the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus charge quickly and will happily last you a day of moderate use, the Galaxy S7 will handily get you to a day and a half under the same conditions, while the bigger S7 Edgemight last you two. Throw in the super-fast charging, wireless charging, and comprehensive power saving features of the Samsung mobile and you have the best battery life on the market.

Winner: Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Camera and OS

How good a mobile’s camera is can literally make the decision for some people on whether or not to buy a mobile. Luckily, it’s somewhere that both Apple and Samsung shine. On the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus you have 12MP main camera with 7MP front-facing camera, on the S7 and S7 Edge it’s 12MP and 5MP respectively. In terms of the main camera, it’s neck and neck. Galaxy mobiles focus quicker, while the iPhones do better in the dark. The selfie cams are close too, the 7MP iPhone does take better pictures but the Galaxy has a wide-angle lens to get more people in the shot.


Winner: It’s probably the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but only by a whisker.

We’ll finish on the other contentious one, Operating System (OS). This is the one that will seriously come down to personal preference. Android is great for being a bit easier to customise and having a wider array of apps available, while Samsung’s own variant is well established and user-friendly. The S7 and S7 Edge will also benefit from being among the first to receive Android Nougat, which is expected very soon. iOS 10 is the latest version of Apple’s OS and runs nice and smooth on the new hardware. It’s probably responsible for a lot of the added speed in how the phone runs.

Winner: Both excellent in different ways, this one’s on you.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB

£919.00 £110.28 £808.72

iPhone 7 256GB

£799.00 £95.88


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £639.00 £76.68


Samsung Galaxy S7 £569.00 £68.28


There are such fine margins between these two phones that it’s ultimately going to come down to which particular feature is more important to you. Whichever one you pick you’ll get Techscheme’s fantastic benefits. If your employer hasn’t signed up yet, ask them to take a look so that you can both take advantage.