Streamlining your life can mean a whole bunch of things, whether it’s reducing the time you waste at work, making it easier to accomplish simple tasks or eradicating bad habits it’s all about making things that much more efficient. Put simply, we at Techscheme want to show you a bunch of cool programs that’ll save you time and make your life easier. While we’re doing that, we’ll also let you know about some of the great products we offer, all with up to 12% off from your National Insurance contributions.


We’ll start with a nice simple little app that’ll help you catch up with all the news (or anything else) that you want to from the internet, without having to stop what you’re doing every time someone sends you a link. Instapaper lets you save web pages to read for later when you’ve actually got time. You’ll be able to catch up offline and without any of the advertising or formatted clutter that might come from any given website.1instapaper

Instapaper is available on iOS and Android, while this brand new way of catching up would perfectly compliment the brand new iPhone 7. Instapaper is optimised for iOS but it’s also just the sort of cool app you want your friends seeing on your home screen. The iPhone 7 is available with savings of up to £95 at Techscheme.


There are plenty of note-taking apps, but where Simplenote shines is by doing what its name suggests, keeping it simple. The handy app is available on iOS and Android, and there aren’t many of its competitors that’ll let you go from having an idea, to having it written and saved as quickly as Simplenote does. It’s all about efficiency, meaning that no matter what important information you need to get down you can do it fast, without having to spend 5 minutes messing around with an app interface.


Simplenote lets you go in later and organise all your notes with tags and pins, while you can also share and publish notes for friends or co-workers to see. If you’re after an app to speed up your day, why not get a mobile that does that too? The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the fastest and most powerful mobiles around, and with its fast charging and power saver modes, it’ll even save you from waiting for it to charge. At Techscheme the Galaxy S7 comes with savings of up to £68.


Habitica is a very rare kind of program. It’s a productivity-come-gaming app that has the potential for you to completely get lost in it. The good thing is that getting lost in this game means you’ll be ticking plenty off the to-do list. Enter some habits you want to encourage, or tasks you need to complete and the game treats them as game-style quests. Complete one and earn rewards to buy yourself weapons and armour, fail and you’ll lose health.


Available on iOS and Android, the app lets you level yourself up in real-time and game time, you can even join guilds and team up with friends. Habitica turns life into a game, but one which actually encourages you to sort things out in the real world. Of course, you’ll need to monitor your quests when out and about, and what better way than through the cellular iPad mini 4. The easy to carry and hold tablet is the perfect bit of kit for the adventurer who also likes admin, games, and social media. It’s available at Techscheme with savings of up to £59.

Boomerang for Gmail 

OK, so Boomerang for Gmail is only available in app form for Android, but you can get it on your computer through a bunch of different web browsers. It’s basically an e-mail client that aims to streamline and enhance how you deal with your electronic communications. It implements intuitive gesture controls in the app that make it very easy to navigate, while some of its useful features include e-mail snoozing, response tracking and e-mail scheduling.


Of course, you can get this app for an Android mobile and it’ll help you out, but if you’re a Gmail kind of person, why not get it to complement a new HP Chromebook 11 G5. Streamlining how you use your laptop, and the internet, is what Chromebooks were designed for, so you’d be daft to not consider the cheap but super-efficient laptop. At Techscheme we can save you up to £35 on the already affordable tech.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

iPhone 7 256GB

£799.00 £95.88 £703.12

Samsung Galaxy S7

£569.00 £68.28


iPad mini 4 Cellular £499.00 £59.88


HP Chromebook 11G5 £299.00 £35.88


These great apps and tech gadgets are the perfect start to streamlining your life. Whether you’re shaving a few minutes off a thankless task or turning your boring old chores into fun adventures to get them done faster you’ll not regret giving them a go. Techscheme’s savings are only available to you if your employer has signed up. Ask them to take a look at our free service so that you can take advantage of these great employee benefits.