Today is one of the best times to be a gamer, pretty much any regular device you have now can be a portal into a computer generated playground. Tablets and mobile phones, especially, have access to thousands of games at any one time. That’s why we’ve taken a look at the best mobiles and tablets at Techscheme to get the most out of your gaming habit. All of our Techscheme gear is available with up to 12% off from your National Insurance contributions.



Tablets are kind of the perfect device for gaming. Handily portable, but with decent sized screens and big enough to house some pretty impressive hardware. Which ones are the best though? Well, for a start, we think you’d be mad to ignore the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The Pro 4 was built as a hybrid, it’s meant to be the sort of tablet that could replace your laptop and that means it’s powerful. Lower priced models of the Pro 4, are some of the finest tablets on the market they’ll nail any game made for a handheld device. At the top end of the Pro 4’s price range, you have a fully kitted out laptop complete with an Intel i7 core processor, 16GB of RAM and an Intel Iris 540 graphics card that’ll easily let you play good looking PC games like Bioshock Infinite.


If you’re an Apple fan, and a gamer then your best option is the iPad Pro 12.9-inch. It is an incredible piece of kit that only got better with the introduction of iOS 10, while the screen size and quality provide a sumptuous experience. In terms of raw power, its set up is on a par with the low-end Surface configurations, which is to say that it’s one of the best tablets on the market today. It’s not really designed for PC gaming, but it will handle any tablet game without question. At Techscheme you can pick up the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with savings of between £89 and £215 depending on the set-up, while we could save you £123 on the 256GB iPad Pro.


When you’re gaming on a mobile, the only real considerations are power and how new the mobile is, as they’re the only things that’ll stop you playing a new game. We here at Techscheme think that screen size is important too, after all, you want to properly experience a game wherever you are.


The brand new iPhone 7 Plus is obviously going to be a strong contender then. The brand new Apple mobile has a quality 5.5-inch backlit Retina HD display, the new A10 fusion processor, and embedded M10 motion coprocessor, which all means that it is seriously quick. You’d be hard pressed to find any combination of processor draining tasks to run to make this mobile stutter, so gaming on its own is a dream. There’s no mobile game out that’ll trouble the iPhone 7 Plus and at Techscheme you could save up to £110 on the new handset.


Of course, not everyone’s into Apple, and there are more games available for the open-source Android platform. That’s where the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes in. It’s one of the very few mobiles out at the moment that could go toe-to-toe with the 7 Plus. In a similar vein to the Apple device, the S7 Edge won’t have trouble with any current game thanks to the power of the processor, it has the best display of any mobile out there and its battery life should mean you’ll get more fun out of it than most handsets. At Techscheme the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge could come with a discount of up to £76 thanks to our employee benefits.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

iPad Pro 256GB




Surface Pro 4 4GB RAM

£749.00 £89.88


iPhone 7 Plus 256GB

£919.00 £110.28


Galaxy S7 Edge £639.00 £76.68


The models we’ve selected aren’t the only Techscheme products you can game on, they’re just the best and brightest. If you’re looking for something different then check out our whole product range. To take advantage of our incredible employee benefits then your employer will need to be signed up; if they aren’t already, ask them to take a look. It’s free and easy.