There is something ineffably cool about having some brand new piece of Apple hardware. It might be the instantly recognisable design, those funky TV adverts or just the cache of the brand itself, but owning an Apple product is like the cutting-edge tech version of high fashion. Thankfully, at Techscheme we carry a host of these awesome Apple products, all available with our trusty employee benefits, which can save you up to 12% on the RRP (recommended retail price) from your National Insurance contributions. We’ve outlined some of the best Apple gear here.

Laptop – MacBook

When it comes to laptops the MacBook is and, probably always will be, one of the finest examples of the craft. The latest incarnation of the popular model is available at Techscheme, with possible savings of between £150 and £186 thanks to our employee benefits.


It’s the most impressive incarnation of the MacBook yet, with an improved keyboard layout, graphics performance, and display, as well as the 6th generation Intel Core processors delivering the power. The 12-inch MacBook is a great multi-purpose laptop and can adapt to suit almost any need. The thin and light-weight design make it an ideal portable choice for most, if you need a bit more power, though, whether it’s for gaming or other processor intensive tasks, then consider the slightly larger MacBook Pro. The 2016 Pro is available at Techscheme with up to £233 savings.

Desktop – iMac

The desktop computer has become an often ignored piece of kit, with portable tech taking all the headlines, but the fact is that anybody who needs to work or play from the house knows the value in a powerful home machine.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-11-42-29The iMac comes in a number of different specifications to suit your needs, from the perfectly practical 21.5-inch 1.6GHz low-end model all the way up to the 27-inch 5K Retina 3.3 GHz powerhouse and you can save £125-£270 depending on your preference. Top spec iMacs are capable of anything, from crystal clear no-lag gaming to precision Photoshop editing. It’s the perfect bit of kit for the at-home artist, Mac gamer or anyone looking for a catch-all family computer.




Techscheme Price

iMac 27” 5K Retina 3.3GHz £2249.00 £269.88


MacBook Pro 512GB

£1949.00 £233.88


MacBook 512GB

£1549.00 £185.88


Tablet – iPad Pro

If you’re looking for the best Apple tablet in terms of performance, then it is hands down the iPad Pro. It has the same slick Apple design and is available in two sizes, 12.9 and 9.7 inches. Size is the only real difference between the two, though.


In terms of specs, they’re basically identical, which is to say they’re incredibly powerful tablets that can handle anything you throw at them. Battery life can vary: the 9.7-inch probably lasts longer with moderate use but if you’re constantly using your tablet then they both sit at a very respectable 10 hours on average. If you want a tablet that’s somewhat future-proof then these top of the range models are the closest thing you’ll find, and at Techscheme you can save up to £101 on the 9.7 and £123 on the 12.9-inch versions. All you have to do know is decide how big you want it.

Mobile – iPhone 7

Obviously, you can’t look further than the iPhone 7 when picking out the best iPhone at Techscheme, mainly because it’s the best iPhone ever produced. In terms of hardware and pure performance the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are top-notch.


The new flagship mobiles don’t differ too much from one another, the Plus has a larger screen and slightly longer battery life, but that’s about it. The same incredible 12MP and 7MP cameras, the same new processors and the same phenomenal performance. These mobiles will do anything you want them to; stream a video while talking on Snapchat and having a dozen browser tabs open and you’ll notice no slowdown. At Techscheme we can offer you savings of up to £95 and £110 on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus respectively.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price
iPad Pro 12.9” 256GB £1029.00 £123.48


iPhone 7 Plus 256GB

£919.00 £110.28


iPad Pro 9.7” 256GB

£849.00 £101.88


iPhone 7 256GB £799.00 £95.88


Those are just some of the great Apple products available at Techscheme, while we think they’re arguably the best, others may suit your needs better, so feel free to browse our whole range. You can boost your connectivity with our lightning connectors or enhance your storage with the Apple USB SuperDrive all complete with our employee benefits. If you want to take advantage of the savings we offer, your employer needs to sign up to Techscheme, it’s free for them and we make it as easy as possible. Ask them to take a look today.