You may be looking to use the New Year as motivation to make a fitter a healthier new you. Well luckily, here at Techscheme we have a number of exciting tech products that (alongside a healthy diet and exercise) can help you reach your fitness goals. We’ve rounded them up here for you, but it’s worth noting that Techscheme can save you money on all of them thanks to our fantastic employee benefits.

Wearable Tech

First off we’ll talk about some fancy wearable tech that will help you monitor all facets of your fitness regime. On the classy side of things, we have the Withings Activite smart watch. Its elegant design follows through whether you’ve chosen the high-end Activite Sapphire or the more affordable Activite Pop or Steel versions. One thing’s for sure, though, there’s no fitness tracker that looks quite like this.


It tracks your steps, calories burned and sleep, as well as having a handy vibrating alarm, all of which you can set and monitor from an app. The second smaller hand on the dial of the watch face shows you how much of your daily step total you’ve completed, while the larger one tells the time. It’s a Swiss-made watch and an accurate fitness tracker that you can save between £14 and £38 on at Techscheme. It’s ideal for anyone wanting a tracker with a bit more class, or a lot more discretion.


Alternatively, there’s the less costly Pulse OX, which we’ll still save you just over £9 on. The handy little black square, with clip-in watch strap, monitors your sleep, heart rate, steps, running and calories as well as a few other bits and bobs. It’s all you need in a good fitness tracker and a bit more besides. You can see your data on the screen, but it all transfers to a mobile app for you to see more comprehensive info on your progress. If getting fit is part of your goal for 2017, then one of these top quality trackers is the ideal place to start.

Health Tech

With one of those fitness trackers on your wrist, you’ll have a great idea of how your workouts and daily regimes are helping toward your goals, but there are more ways to gather data, and monitoring your overall health at the start of a new fitness regime is important. The Withings WS60 Smart Scales gather an incredible amount of accurate information on your body. The scales show you what you weigh, obviously, but they also give you full data on your body composition, so you have a fuller picture.

Fat, muscle, bone mass and water are all measured and you’re able to see them separately on the scale screen or in the app, where you can find additional nutritional info. All of this together provides a great base for targeting the sort of exercise you need to work on. Beyond all that, though, the scales measure your heart rate to give you solid insight into how your heart is coping with the new fitness program, and the app will give you tips on improving it. The impressive scales are available with savings of up to £18 at Techscheme.


Speaking of the heart, we also have the Withings cordless Blood Pressure Monitor with automatic inflation and controlled release. It monitors your blood pressure with a high degree of accuracy, gives instant colour-coded feedback, before saving the data to your app for you to show or send to your doctor if desired. If your blood pressure needs monitoring then this would make a great investment, especially if you’re beginning a new diet or fitness regime. It’s available with savings of up to £10 at Techscheme.

Sleep Tech

While both the Activite and Pulse OX and track your sleep as accurately as possible for a wrist strap, they can’t really improve it, beyond letting you know what’s going on so that you can take action. Well, if you need to do something, you can’t go wrong with the Aura. The wake-up light and sound system Withings alarm clock and sleep sensor is designed to gather extensive data on your sleep pattern. It’s built to help you nod off and wake up naturally in time with your circadian rhythm so that you get the best sleep possible.


Sleeping better could be the number one thing you do to improve your overall health, it can give you more energy, reduce the stress on your heart and getting the right amount of sleep can work wonders for your mental health too. The Withings Aura is available with savings of up to £30.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

Activite Sapphire

£320.00 £38.40


Aura Alarm Clock

£249.95 £29.99


WS60 Smart Scales

£149.95 £17.99


Blood Pressure Monitor

£89.95 £10.79


Pulse OX £79.96 £9.60


These great gadgets all work together with the Withings Health Mate app, so buying more than one means you can keep and collate all your health data in the same place to set you right up for a healthy New Year. There’s a whole host of great tech products, available with our employee benefits, at Techscheme. It’s free for your employer to sign up, so why not send them to us, so that you can take advantage.