Providing for and getting the best out of your employees can be a tricky business, and not always cost-effective. So what does Techscheme offer your company, and why would joining for free be a good thing for you and your employees? We’ve put together a few interesting titbits for you to consider when thinking of Techscheme as an employee benefit solution.


What is Techscheme?

Techscheme is the new incarnation of Computingscheme, brought to you by the successful team behind Cyclescheme. In a nutshell, it’s a jaw-droppingly simple technology salary-sacrifice solution that allows your employees access to the latest tech, offered at a reduced price of up to 12%. This saving comes about because of the reduction in their National Insurance contributions (NICs) as the regular monthly payments are taken from their salary before NICs are calculated. Because of the way we operate Techscheme it is not effected by recent changes to some salary sacrifice benefits, for more information please visit our Techscheme remains good to go blog.


It’s also free and easy to sign up, cost neutral to run and it’s available to employers of all shapes and sizes. If you’re already signed up to Cyclescheme then you can easily opt-in to Techscheme through your Myschemes account. You can find out more about Techscheme with our employer FAQs.

Employer Benefits

The benefits for you go beyond the inexpensive nature of the package; providing an employee benefit like low prices on the latest tech is going to make your company a popular place to work. Techscheme supports the government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy, but not only that, it gives you a chance to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility policy and enhance your relationship with your employees.

When employees are satisfied and feel valued their productivity increases, and they’re less likely to leave, reducing employee turnover. Giving staff access to the latest tech also gives you a chance to upskill them, and increase their overall tech literacy, making your workforce competitive, productive and, of course, well equipped. Giving them access to the latest fitness trackers and smart health products, for example, could improve the overall health and wellness of your staff, meaning fewer sick days.

You can find out more about how Techscheme can help with employee wellness and engagement through one of our regular webinars.

Example Products

Of course, outside of a renewed vigour and improved health, you might want to know just what products your employees will be able to access. Techscheme has a number of important supplier relationships with the like of Apple, Samsung, Withings, Toshiba, HP and many more so that your employees can access the latest tech in fields from mobile computing through to fitness trackers and home automation. The table below shows a few example products and potential savings, but you can browse the full product range here.


RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

Macbook Pro 13”

£1249.00 £149.88


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

£1079.00 £129.48


iPhone 7 Plus

£719.00 £86.28


Withings Activite Smart Watch

£320.00 £38.40


How to Sign Up

To start taking advantage of Techscheme’s benefits you’re going to need to sign up. Luckily, registering is a simple process. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, otherwise, all you need to do is head to our registration page and fill in your information.

Once all that’s completed, you and your employees can start enjoying the Techscheme benefit.