With Christmas around the corner you know we’re heading into party season. Whether it’s at the office with Tina hogging all the punch or in the house with the friends and family, you’re going to need some tunes to get the festivities going. Here at Techscheme, we have a couple of great options for quality Bluetooth speakers to make sure that you’ve got the best sounding beats this season no matter where you are. What’s more, all Techscheme products are available with up 12% savings from your National Insurance contributions thanks to our awesome employee benefits.

UE Megaboom

UE (Ultimate Ears) makes some of – if not the – best portable speakers on the market; and the UE Megaboom feels like best of the bunch. It is the biggest portable speaker set that UE makes and that makes it the loudest. It’s not just volume, though, the Megaboom outputs a rich and full sound that’s impressively clear.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.24.21.png

Design-wise, it’s not too shabby either. Despite its almost 9 inches in size, the Megaboom is satisfyingly compact thanks to its cylindrical shape. It weighs less than a kilo, making it pretty easy to carry around, which is handy for a set of portable speakers. It comes in four slick-looking colour schemes, Black, Plum, Electric Blue and Lava Red and they’re waterproof (up to 1m).

UE has a companion app that you can use with its speakers which opens up a bunch of fun features. You can pair up a couple of Boom or Megabooms to play the same music simultaneously; your friends can queue up songs to play with its Block Party feature; it gives you an equaliser to tweak the sound output; and it even lets you set up custom alarms so that you can wake up to your favourite tunes.

You can pair up to 8 different devices to the speakers and the mobile range of play tops out at 30 meters, but the battery life is great. You could throw an absolute rager of a party with these speakers and their 20 hours of power, although you might want to check with your neighbours first. The UE Megaboom is available with savings of up to £26.39 at Techscheme.

UE Boom 2

The Boom 2 is the little brother to the Megaboom. One of the biggest differences between the two is their size; almost 2 inches smaller and 300g lighter the Boom 2 emphasises its portability. This is the sort of speaker set where you’d have no problem taking it into the office (with permission) or bringing to a mate’s house for a party.webimage-079199C1-5731-40C2-A9B2F0B50A647F79.jpgIn terms of sound, the Boom 2 provides some wonderfully crisp audio with satisfying bass. Perhaps it’s not quite as impressive sound quality as the Megaboom, but for the relative price and size, it’s one of the best sounding set of Bluetooth speakers out there. It has all the same features via the companion app as the larger model and looks much the same too, although the colour schemes are different. You can pick up the Boom 2 in Brainfreeze, Cherry Bomb, Green Machine, Phantom, Tropical and Yeti designs.

Battery life hits about 15 hours, which is great for a device this size. The range on the Bluetooth is about 33m and it is also waterproof to 1m for up to 30 minutes. At Techscheme we can save you up to £20.40 on the RRP (recommended retail price) of the UE Boom 2.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
UE Megaboom £219.95 £26.39 £193.56
UE Boom 2 £169.99 £20.40 £149.59

The Ultimate Ears range of portable speakers are some of the absolute best Bluetooth devices around, and their Block Party, pairing, and connectivity features make them perfect for a get together this Christmas. Techscheme has a whole range of other products, all available with our employee benefits. Your employer needs to sign up to the scheme for you to take advantage, so ask the boss to take a look, we’ve got benefits for them too.