The holidays are coming and it’s almost time to go into a total blind panic about how little you’ve got done so far. Christmas can be stressful is what we’re saying. That’s why we at Techscheme have put together a list of fun Xmas-themed apps to get you relaxed and in the holiday mood. We’ve also scattered in a number of great tech gifts you can pick up with us with up to 12% savings, thanks to our benefits.

Christmas Radio Apps


Ok, so this is an easy one. If you’re one of those people who just can’t wait to hear Noddy Holder blasting out over the checkouts, then getting yourself a Christmas radio app is one sure fire way to psych yourself up for Christmas. There are two apps we’ll recommend, Christmas RADIO on iOS and Christmas Radio on Android.

They both do essentially the same thing, which is to collate dozens of different Christmas-themed radio stations ready for you to flick through. They’ll even let you choose stations by genre.

Obviously, if you’re going to be listening to music then you’ll want something to listen on, why not an iPod Touch? The nifty media player heavyweight not only stores and plays the music you already have, but lets you download and play apps like Christmas Radio, and we can save you up to £33 on it at Techscheme.

Interactive Christmas e-books


A big part of the Christmas experience is getting to hunker down on a cold evening and spend time with the family. Thanks to the wonderful advances in technology, you can now share some of those idyllic experiences that you had as a child with your kids and grand-kids. Namely, the joy of a really good (e-)book.

There are two total Christmas classics that we would recommend, that we’re sure you’ve heard of. There’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (iOS / Android), and A Charlie Brown Christmas (iOS / Android); the famous book and television special have been reimagined as interactive storybooks for you and the kids to play through. They’re both filled with fun games, and activities to bring you together while the wind is howling outside.

Both are perfect for playing on a new big iPad like the iPad Pro which has plenty of screen space to share with enquiring hands, as well as plenty of power, for those times when you might want to use it on your own. You can save up to £109 on the 256GB model at Techscheme.

Elf Adventure Christmas


The Elf Advent(ure) Christmas Calendar (on iOS and Android) is a fun little app for the kids to get involved in, although perhaps not quite as nostalgic for you as the e-books. It’s pretty simple; every day of Christmas the app gives you a new episode of the elves’ story, as well as unlocking a new game. It’s a fun and often educational little app-advent calendar that’s sure to keep the kids enraptured. We cannot promise that they won’t also want a chocolate one, though.

A nice little low-cost solution to the family tablet might be something like the Asus ZenPad Z300M, a surprisingly quick and versatile tablet that doesn’t cost the Earth before we apply our benefits. With them you could save an extra £22 on the tablet at Techscheme.

Countdown and Track


Perhaps the best way to get into the Christmas spirit before advent calendar time is to count down the days. Sleeps to Christmas and Christmas Countdown on iOS and Android respectively are fun ways to do this with their unique animations, but what do you do when the big day finally arrives?

Track Santa, obviously. The NORAD Santa Tracker has become something of an institution, and you can now get the live updates on Santa’s journey on iOS and Android devices. If you’re the sort of organised person that needs to know exactly when Santa will be arriving, then you’re probably after a phone that can handle anything day-to-day life can throw at you. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best mobiles in this Android generation and we can save you up to £76 on the device.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

iPad Pro 12.9” 256GB

£909.00 £109.08 £799.92
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £639.00 £76.68


iPod Touch £279.00 £33.48


Asus ZenPad Z300M £189.00 £22.68


Those are just a few fun little apps to help give that Christmas spirit a little nudge. The products we have at Techscheme all feature a potential 12% discount from National Insurance contributions, and you can buy for more people than just yourself. To take advantage of these benefits, your employer needs to sign up. There are benefits for them too.