It’s incredible to think how much television quality has improved in such a relatively short space of time. Not too long ago we were huddled around giant boxes with grainy pictures whereas now the new generation of televisions are so crisp and clear that they almost look better than real life.

With the awesome TV shows being made today, and the quality Christmas content just around the corner, you’d be forgiven for wanting to splash out on a new set. That’s why we’ve taken a look at some of the new Samsung 6-Series TVs, in all their UHD (ultra-high definition) glory. At Techscheme we can offer great savings thanks to our employee benefits. Our savings are year-round, but with Christmas coming up fast, now’s as good a time as any to invest in a new set.

KU6400 6 Series UHD Crystal Colour

The KU6400 is available in three sizes at Techscheme, 40 inches, 49 inches and 55 inches, but whichever size you go for you’re going to get phenomenal picture quality. Before we start talking about the screen it’s worth mentioning the slick minimalist design of the set itself; clean and unassuming, it’ll look great in any living room. UHD televisions already offer around four times the detail of a normal Full HD TV, which is like realising that you’ve needed glasses your whole life.Samsung-40-KU6400-6-Series-UHD-Crystal-Colour-_57.jpgOn top of that, the Crystal Colour technology behind the KU6400 widens the colour range by 20% from other UHD sets. It’s HDR (high dynamic range) compatible and that means excellent brightness, shadow detail and accurate colours. Beyond the screen quality, it’s a fully smart TV, meaning you can access the internet, TV guides, all your streaming services and even stream video games straight from the cloud. The price varies depending on the size you want, but at 40 inches we can save you up to £77, while on the 55-inch model that can go all the way to £129.

KU6000 6 Series UHD PurColour

Now for the KU6000 which we have 40, 55, 60 and 65-inch models of. Again, the design of the set itself is slick and it offers the same great smart TV features. It’s HDR ready, so no problem there, and while it doesn’t have the same Crystal Colour tech it has fantastic UHD upscaling and dimming features to ensure some of the highest of picture qualities.


That’s not to mention the PurColour technology that creates a rich and natural viewing experience. It adjusts to 192 points of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow to make really natural looking skin tones as well as realistic greens and blues. Of course, the price will differ depending on just how big you want it, but we can save you anywhere from £71 on the smaller set, all the way to just over £200 on the 65-inch whopper.

K6300 6 Series Curved FHD

Lastly, there’s the K6300 curved-screen TV. The cheaper of the three sets, but that doesn’t mean it misses many beats. It has the same kind of external design as the others but, of course, it’s curved. If you’re wondering what that does, well, it opens up a wider field of view with incredible detail. The curve radius is customised by screen size to make sure that regardless of whether you want the 40, 49 or 55-inch set, you’re in for optimal viewing.


It’s Full HD (FHD) with Ultra Clean View tech. That means that the TV will analyse the input signal and remove visual noise from the display for the best possible FHD experience. Like all the TVs here it’s fully smart, has three HDMI and two USB inputs and can be wall mounted. This smart and cool curved telly might already cost a little less than the others but we’ll still save you money on it: we can offer up to £53 on the 40-inch model ranging up to £90 on the 55-inch set.

Model RRP Savings

Techscheme Price

KU6400 UHD 55-inch

£1079.00 £129.48


KU6000 UHD 65-inch £1699.01 £203.88


K6300 FHD 55-inch £749.00 £89.88


With any of these TVs, you’re sure to wow the family when they all gather round to watch the Dr Who Christmas special, the Boxing Day football or that Peter Kay DVD your Nan got you. Not to mention all the quality viewing you’ll get throughout the rest of the year. At Techscheme we can save you 12% off your National Insurance contributions on each item. To take advantage of our benefits your employer needs to be signed up, so send them our way.