Home automation is cool. In a nutshell, it’s a way to use technology to control the electronics in your home. With the right system, you can do anything from turning off your bedroom light you left on while at work, to getting alerts when someone enters your home. Home automation lets you live in the future and save energy and money at the same time. We here at Techscheme have thrown together a rundown of the key benefits, alongside suggestions for top home automation products that you can purchase through us at a handy discount.


It may seem obvious, but being able to control your home appliances is pretty useful for saving time and effort. Connecting an appliance to a smart plug allows you to control it using an app, and depending on the system you choose, there will be a number of ways to tell that appliance to do things under certain conditions.

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Do you come home at a regular time? Fill up the kettle in the morning, then tell the system to turn it on just before you get back. In a rush to get out in the morning? Make a dash for it and turn the lights off from the app. Every smart home system is going to be little different, but most require just a small amount of set-up time, with instructions you can follow through that company’s app. Hauppage does a great little Home Starter Kit that sets you up with a few different components to get your smart home going, it’s available at Techscheme with a potential savings of over £20.


Most companies that provide smart home tech also have ways for you to feel more secure about leaving your home unattended. You can set up sensors to email or notify you in-app when your doors or windows are opened, there are smoke detectors and actual alarms with some systems that let you do the same.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-36-07You can also pick up security cams that you can check in on through your mobile, so you might get an email notification of your window opening, check the camera to make sure it’s not just the cat and if it’s an intruder – set off the alarm. You could get all that done from a beach in Honolulu if needed. Mydlink has all the individual products needed to build that setup and add to it. If that interests you, though, the Home Security Starter Kit has a door/window sensor, HD camera, and siren alarm all together for a potential saving of £25 at Techscheme.

Save Money

Lastly, we’ll talk about the financial benefits of automating your home. Being able to control, exactly, what appliances are on and when has obvious energy saving (and utility spending) benefits. With many smart home packages, there’ll also be functions to time when plug sockets or lights turn on and off and have them do that automatically, whether you’re there or not. That means you can make sure that your electricity is being used outside of peak time, or only when it’s absolutely needed.

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More than that, though, a smart home app will be able to tell you what’s currently turned on in your home from wherever you are in the world, and let you turn it off from there. That means that a simple slip of the mind won’t end up costing you money. Elgato has a number of products to streamline your energy consumption, even one you can plug into the radiator to monitor temperature, while Belkin does a great stock in smart light bulbs. All of these products have our fantastic employee benefits attached, so you can save money on the things that will save you money.




Techscheme Price

Mydlink Security Starter Kit

£208.99 £25.08


Hauppage Home Starter Kit

£189.99 £22.80 £167.19

Belkin WeMo Smart Light Kit

£79.99 £9.60


Elgato Thermo

£59.95 £7.19


Hopefully, you can now see the benefits in automating your home. Keep in mind, though, that different manufacturer’s products might not work with other brands, so make sure that you choose the right one. There’s nothing stopping you using two apps, though. Techscheme can save you money on a wide range of products through our employee benefits, if your boss hasn’t signed up yet, then you (nor they) can take advantage. Ask them to take a look.