Music is important. That’s why getting the right headphones is such a big deal. They can be the difference between an encompassing, moving and transformative experience and relative tinnitus. Fortunately, music on the go has never sounded so good so we’ve put together a list of top quality in, on and over-ear headphones from market leaders Beats. With Techschemes’s savings model and discount you’ll not have to worry about getting an earful from your significant other.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones, or earphones (as we’re sure they used to be called), are the type that fit directly into your ear. They’re a good choice for those on the go as they’re smaller, lighter and far more portable than larger over-ear models. They also great for noise cancellation, using the ear tips to fit properly in the ear blocks out all that background noise. They’re great for not bothering people on trains, staying in on the treadmill and giving you plausible deniability when ignoring creepy Chris on the way to the shops.

UrBeats (our price £70.36) come with a precision-machined metal housing that prevents vibrations, making it one of the best earphone sets out there for noise cancellation. They’re also extra durable, come with a built-in mic for making calls and have the traditional flat “tangle free” Beats wires.



Over-Ear Headphones

Over ear headphones are the type that fit comfortably over the ear, they’re bulkier and heavier than earphones but often provide much better sound quality for the money you’re paying. These headphones are less for walking around with and more for chilling out at 3am and listen to records, like vinyl man, you know?

The Beats Pro model of over (or around) ear headphones (our price £307.95) aim to take you into the studio and hear the music as it was by the artist in recording. The clear highs and crisp lows it gives out provide premium sound quality, pumping out the kind of bass you can feel in your chest, while its impeccable build quality, steel and aluminium with overstuffed ear caps, offers a solid, nigh on indestructible set of headphones.


The Studio (our price £237.56) provides a bit more portability with its 20-hour rechargeable battery, micro USB charging capabilities and a new lighter design, while the dual-mode Adaptive Noise Cancelling will block out any unwanted noise.


On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are a bit of a hybrid, they’re lighter and easier to carry around than the bigger over-ear sets and you don’t have to put things in your ears to use them like in-ear sets. We’ve got a couple of Beats Models available.

The Solo2 (our price £149.55) from Beats offers a clear, dynamic and high fidelity sound that’s fit for any genre. It has comfort in its DNA with a flexible headband leading to pivoted, ergonomically angled ear cups kitted out with premium material that treats your ears well in terms of reducing heat and preventing sound leakage. It’s foldable and built to last making it a perfect pair for those on-the-go types. The Beats Remote Talk cable doesn’t hurt either.