We appreciate it’s far too early to be sending you season’s greetings!

BUT… if you want your colleagues to save money on tech this Christmas there’s one or two things you may need to do!

  1. Sign your organisation up to Techscheme
  2. Tell your colleagues about Techscheme

Sign your organisation up to Techscheme

OK, I’m going to give you the low down on what Techscheme is – BUT – in a bid to keep it stupid simple I’m going to try and squeeze it into a tweet. Here goes:

13 characters left to go – #winning!  So that’s it in a nutshell; a desirable, easy to implement technology benefit that enables employees to save money on a vast range of technology and spread the cost.

The service is free of charge for employers, really easy to implement via MySchemes and offers a fantastic lever for employee engagement during the run up to Christmas (and beyond).

Join a Techscheme webinar

The site offers everything from affordable music devices to big ticket presents like laptops.

Some popular Christmas items can be seen below:


If you’re not signed up, here’s how you can make the magic happen:

Now, assuming you’re up and running it’s now time to…

Tell your colleagues about Techscheme

Promoting Techscheme is super easy. There’s a full suite of marketing material available to you within your MySchemes account. You can download everything from webtext, stock images and eFlyers to custom posters that include your employer’s logo and personalised messaging.

However! To make promoting the scheme for Christmas even more straight-forward, we’ve designed some cracking posters that yule love!


We’ve also created this easy to use eFlyer – simply embed it in an all-staff email or post it on your internal blog:


(Right click and choose ‘Save Image As’)

Remember to link it to http://www.techscheme.co.uk/your-unique-code (you can find your employer code in MySchemes).