You can use tech for just about anything these days, but perhaps the biggest benefit to being able to create just about anything is the impact we can make to our general health. Withings have a range of products available on Techscheme that can help you feel and live, better: given that our Techscheme benefits mean that you can save up to 12% from your National Insurance on these products we thought we’d be especially remiss if we didn’t go through a couple of them with you.

Withings Aura + Sleep Sensor


The Aura is essentially an alarm clock, but we’d hardly be talking about it if it was only that. It’s specifically designed to help you fall asleep and wake you up, using a combination of light and sound. At bedtime, it will go through a “sunset” series of gentle red light, in progressively deeper shades, while playing a sound that gets progressively quieter. It comes with its own sounds but you can also connect the device to Spotify to get your own music.

The lighting has been chosen to be specifically what’s been proven to help you rise and wake. In the morning it’ll wake you with blue shades of light, starting dark and getting brighter, accompanied by music that gets progressively louder. You can control the brightness and volume easily with the Withings app, which is also where you can monitor the data your sleep sensor gathers.

The sensor itself slides under the mattress, around where your chest would be, with just a little bit hanging out the edge – the duvet will cover that though. It will track how you sleep through your body movements and send that data to the app, but you can also use it to set a timer of up to an hour before your alarm goes off. With the data it gathers, it will then wake you up, before your alarm goes off at the lightest point in your sleep cycle, so that while you may technically have less sleep, you actually feel more well-rested.

It’s a wonderful piece of kit for troubled sleepers or just people who want to sleep healthier, and at Techscheme we can save you up to £30 off the RRP (recommended retail price).

Withings Smart Scales


You may be wondering just how smart bathroom scales can be, well it turns out, pretty darn smart. Withings WS-60 Smart Scales accurately measures full body composition rather than just weight, to give you an overall picture of your body’s health, not how heavy it is.

The scales also measure fat, muscle and bone mass to give you a full picture of where your weight is going, so that you can more easily target areas for your fitness regime. Alongside that, it measures how much water is in your body for clues on hydration and water retention. It also provides you with a general trend graph of your weight from your last 8 measurements, so you can properly track your goals and not get thrown by one bad day.

Perhaps most impressively, the scales can measure your heart rate and provide information about your cardiovascular health, so you can look after your chest pump. You can then track the data and get tips on how to improve your heart’s health.

After the scales send your info to the Health Mate app, you can track your progress on the go and not have to write it all down before you hit the gym. More than that, though, you can set goals and get nutritional information. If all of that isn’t enough, the scales even give you weather updates on the display. With Techscheme you can save up to £18 on the Withings Smart Scales.


RRP Savings Techscheme Price

Withings Aura + Sleep Sensor




Withings Smart Scales £149.95 £17.99


Techscheme’s products and benefits are only for those whose employers have signed up, so send them our way. It’s quick and easy, and we’re sure they wouldn’t mind you having a decent alarm clock.