Your average new game for mobile is fine for killing time but there’s very little love involved. Which is why, with so much power in our new handheld hardware, we should be looking back at those games that made us, those games that defined (and created) generations of gamers – games we can love. Here’s a roundup of classic retro games you can play on your smartphones and tablets:

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2

One of the most iconic video game characters ever created, Sonic has had a few troubles with his titles since the Megadrive days but you can’t deny his origins in two of the greatest platformers ever made. They’re both available on iTunes and Android and with their fast paced fun levels they’re actually a perfect alternative to your standard mobile games as you can just as easily kill time zipping through the green zone as taking on pigs in Angry Birds.


Android: SH1 – £2.33, SH2 – £2.11
iOS: SH1 – £2.29, SH2 – £2.29


Any article about retro games would be remiss in not including a traditional side-scrolling shooter, luckily R-type was one of the best. You can get it on Android and iTunes for tablets and smartphones. R-type was pretty notorious for being fiendishly hard to complete and while the publishers have kindly added an easier mode, that original version is still there to get you muttering to yourself on the train. Play it long enough and you may even get a seat to yourself.


Android: £1.49
iOS: £1.49

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition

Another World is the modern incarnation of “Out of this world” a cinematic action-adventure title you could play on consoles in 1991. You play a physicist whose experiment has gone wrong, like always – am I right? Warped into a parallel world you’ll have to solve puzzles, battle bad guys and full on leg it from inter-dimensional fauna. It’s out there for Android and iOS users, nicely updated with crisper graphics, a new touch interface for smartphones and tablets as well as updated difficulty modes, remastered audio and 13 achievements.

Another World

Android: £1.49
iOS: £2.99

Final Fantasy VII (and all the rest)

1997’s Final Fantasy VII was the first in the series to hit the PlayStation. With the brand new CD console the Japanese RPG (role-playing game) was able to go bigger than it ever had done before, telling a grand epic tale over 3 discs. In the wake of the news that the game will be getting a full HD remake for new consoles the fact that the beloved original was coming to iOS (Apple’s operating system) was somewhat over shadowed, but now it’s here and it’s glorious. Available on iTunes for your iPhone or iPad (and hopefully soon to Android), it’s the priciest game on this list, but its huge and compelling open world is worth it. If you’re just a fan of the story, and aren’t too sure on spending your commute grinding on random battles, it comes with an inbuilt cheat mode to max out your levels and turn off random encounters.

Besides VII Square Enix have also released Final Fantasy’s I-VI for iOS and Android.

Final Fantasy VII

iOS: £11.99

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

So this may be cheating a bit, but it’s hard to argue that what makes Minecraft great are those nostalgic nudges to past-generation gaming. It looks like a retro game, it plays like a retro game. You fight, build, and gather resources but crucially it’s a modern game, and has that scope thanks to recent technology. Minecraft isn’t really a retro game, it’s what we wish our old games could have been.


Android: £4.99
iOS: £4.99

So whether you’ve just got yourself a cracking new Smartphone or tablet try not to forget those games you loved. Free of the need for in-app purchases or Facebook requests, when achievements were based on what you did and where you reached rather than ill-defined collectibles! Sit back and chill out with an old friend (or enemy).