Runkeeper app

We’ll start things off simple with Runkeeper, a handy little app that keeps tracks of your runs, using GPS to track how far and how fast you’ve gone whilst running in the great outdoors. It’s a great app for beginners as it comes with a host of training plans and coaching tools that should help keep you motivated on the way to that new, better you, and it’ll keep track of the calories you’ve burned in your workout too. Runkeeper lets you keep track of your goals, progress over set periods of time and allows you to sync of with a few other apps to get a fuller picture once you’re into the swing of things.

Free on Apple and Android.

MyFitnessPal Calorie counter & diet tracker

MyFitnessPal app

MyFitnessPal is the number one name in calorie counting. It’s got a massive library of over 5 million different foods to ensure you can log your meals (and calories) for accurate readings. It’s also compatible with over 50 different devices and apps if you want to integrate your calorie counting with other fitness analysis.

Free on Apple and Android.

Microsoft Health

Microsoft Health

Perhaps feeling guilty for their part in your average day to day life of sitting hunched over a computer screen Microsoft have got into the health game, and they’ve done it well. Microsoft Health is one of the best fitness apps on the market, a clean and easy to read interface lets you keep track of your heart rate and sleep patterns, while even providing you with a golf tracker. Its best feature might well be its workout planner that lets you program in your plan of attack before you even get to the gym before sending live prompts to your phone (or Microsoft Band) to let you know when it’s time to move on and get away from the water cooler.

Free for Apple and Android.

Be Best Fitness Organiser and Tracker

Be Best App

One of the newest apps on the list Be Best tries to live up to its name by being the only fitness app you’ll need. With its GPS tracking, expert coaching, workout planning and calorie counting features (among many more), Be Best manages to house everything that you’d normally need a couple of apps to track. The Organiser and Tracker shines most for people who regularly compete, with its event organiser feature that integrates with your calendar to track upcoming events.

Free on Apple only.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Stava App

This is one of the longest surviving fitness apps around and it’s not hard to see why. For a start it’s compatible with a whole bunch of activity tracking devices, more than 25 of them, which means you won’t have much trouble finding a useful bit of wearable tech to match. Its real strength is in its detailed analysis of exercise that translates to data on a ton of different sports and activities that you can compare with other users. It’s a great app for those endurance athletes out there as its 3D-mapping software is perfect for mapping out routes before you get your boots on.

Free on Apple and Android.