For security – AppLock


AppLock is an app that locks apps. That’s a pretty simple definition of course, but it’s an impressive little program. It lets you lock up the apps on your mobile and tablet for added security on those things you want keeping hidden. That means your private notes can be safely locked away, you add a layer of security to your banking apps and your kids will learn to keep their sticky fingers away from your Candy Crush.

AppLock is only available for Android 6.0+, so you’ll probably need a newer device like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

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For efficiency – CloudMagic Email


Email apps are hardly a new thing, there are tons of them. So what makes CloudMagic so special then? Well, it’s incredibly simple to use for one. It’s intuitive and versatile and lets you sign up to all your email accounts on one client, where it’s easy to switch between them. It incorporates a ton of plug-ins so that you can move emails into other apps like Evernote to get more work done. Add that to its easy gestures for mass marking, or deleting emails and it comes out as one of the, if not the, very best email clients on Android.

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For media – Kodi


If you’re the sort of person who likes all their media to be synced up and easy to use, Kodi is the app for you. It’s a media centre that will put all your movies, music, photographs, apps and plug-ins into one place.

It’ll work on most devices, from smartphones and tablets up to larger screen devices like a smart TV.

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For browsing – Pocket


Ever find yourself wishing you had time to read all those links to interesting articles people post on social media. You could save them to a notepad, or email them to yourself we suppose, but for a quick and easy way to store all that’s piqued your interest, there’s Pocket.

It’s an app that lets you save those links to images, websites and more in one handy place. It’ll even let you save them to read offline, so you won’t have to worry about that tunnel during the commute. It’s got a clean, easy-to-read interface that’s perfect for whiling away your time on a tablet.

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For Learning – Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder

You may have seen several people sharing that vocabulary size test on social media recently, naturally you want to take it to show off. But how do you make sure you can nail a top score, as well as generally improving your lexicon? Vocabulary Builder is the answer.

A great little educational app that tests you on the meanings of its 1200-word strong database, all picked by an expert vocab tutor. It’ll provide you with their definitions, example sentences and an audio pronunciation guide, with the added element that you can actually take on other users in a head-to-head game of wordy skill.

It’s a wonderful app for boosting your brain on the go, and makes a great addition to any smartphone.

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Those are just some of the fantastic free apps that you can get on an Android device, but we think they’re some of the best.